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Author Topic: Possibilities  (Read 989 times)

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Re: Possibilities
« Reply #15 on: May 28, 2018, 11:43:26 PM »
Thanks for the review Flora.  I'm glad you liked these chapters :)

I had a lot of fun writing the segments with Woundwort and Clover :D

There will be more chapters exploring Vervain's past later on :vervain
Have you considered making each day count - doing something meaningful each day - instead of letting the days and weeks and months and years fly into oblivion? --Bright Side

Thanks to Rosie Willowwater for the avatar!

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Re: Possibilities
« Reply #16 on: June 03, 2018, 05:03:47 PM »
Here are chapters 7 and 8.  I hope you will like them :)

Part of chapter 7 is loosely inspired by an unproduced episode of the TV series that has been mentioned on the DVD boxset. (I also stole that episode's name for the chapter name)

Chapter 7: Dandelion's Big Story.: ShowHide

"Great stories happen to those who can tell them."
--Ira Glass

Hazel, Bigwig and Blackavar were staring worriedly at the clouds.  It had not taken a lot of persuasion for Blackavar to accept to participate in the raid; he was very excited at the thought of adventure.
-”If we want to get back before the storm breaks, we'll have to start now,” Hazel said.
Just as they were about to start their descent, however, they heard a female voice:
-”Bigwig, could I talk to you for a moment?”
“We haven't even started yet and we already get interrupted,” Bigwig thought.  He turned to face the rabbit who had addressed him.
-”What's the matter, Blackberry?”
-”I've been thinking things over, and I feel like I haven't been contributing enough to the warren.”
-”Nonsense, Blackberry!” Hazel said.  “You helped a lot with digging the warren, and nobody else knows as much about healing herbs as you do.”
-”That's true, but...I still haven't done anything in the war against Woundwort.”
-”What's your point?” Bigwig asked.
-”I want to join the owsla.”
Bigwig remained silent for a few moments, unsure what to reply.
-”Join the owsla?  But that's impossible!  You have no experience!” he finally shouted, momentarily forgetting how inexperienced Blackavar was.  “And you're...”
He was about to say “and you're a doe”, but decided against it.  Blackberry most likely wouldn't take the comment very well, and after the incident with Clover earlier, he wasn't in the mood for another argument.
-”I would be willing to learn, Bigwig,” Blackberry said.
-”Look, I'm rather busy at the moment.  If you're serious about this, we'll talk it over tomorrow, all right?”
With that, the three bucks hopped away, leaving Blackberry alone at the top of the Down.  When they were halfway to the bottom, however...
-”Hazel, Bigwig, where are you going?”
Bigwig sighed loudly and turned around.  Pipkin was further away, looking at them with a look of curiosity on his face.
-”I can't tell you,” Hazel answered.  “It's a secret.”
-”I love secrets!  Tell me more.”
-”The whole point of a secret is that you don't tell anyone about it.”
-”Can I come with you, then?”
-”Look, Hazel, let me handle this,” Bigwig whispered.  “You and Blackavar go...where you have to go.  I'll meet you later.”
-”Be nice to him, Bigwig...”
-”Look, I know I didn't handle Clover very well, but have I ever shouted at Pipkin?  It'll be fine, I promise.”
With that, Hazel and Blackavar hopped away.  Bigwig, meanwhile, went back to the top of the Down, with Pipkin following him from a distance.


Hawkbit, Dandelion and Strawberry were lying in the grass next to each other.
-”Such a peaceful day,” Hawkbit muttered.  “Nothing can interrupt this...”
-”Ooooh...what's the matter now, Bigwig?”
-”I'm going to need you lot to keep Pipkin entertained for the day.”
-”But Bigwig,” Dandelion interjected, “how do you expect us to do that?”
-”I don't know.  It's your job to find a way.”
-”Hey, why don't we try that game,” Strawberry said, “what's it called already...right, owslafa.  A bird told me about it.  The players...”
-”A bird?  Has Kehaar been telling you any more crazy stories about the Big Water?”
-”No, it wasn't Kehaar, it was that bird I mentioned yesterday, her name was S...”
-”You can't talk to a bird!  They're savage brutes.  Except Kehaar, of course.”
-”She was quite friendly...”
-”They have gone nuts, both of them.” Hawkbit rolled his eyes.  “Come on, Dandelion, let's discuss what we're going to do, alone.”
-”I don't want to hear any more about it,” Bigwig told the orange buck.  “Find a way to entertain Pipkin, that's all I ask.”
With that, Bigwig walked away, leaving Pipkin with Strawberry and the others.  He rejoined Hazel and Blackavar some distance from the Down, thankfully having not been interrupted again.
-”How are you two getting along?” he asked.
-”Well, sir, I must say it's an unusual experience,” Blackavar said, “but I have a feeling it's going to be exciting.”
-”You'll get used to it after a while,” Hazel said.  “I just wish Kehaar were here.”
-”Where is he?” Bigwig asked.  “I didn't even notice he was gone.”
-”He and Hannah went to visit some of his gull friends at a place he called the “big city”, whatever that is.  He didn't say when he would be back.”


After Bigwig had brushed her off, Blackberry did not know exactly what she should do.  It was clear to her that Bigwig didn't want her in the owsla.  His offer to discuss it the next day was most likely a trick to get her to leave him alone.

Then, she remembered Captain Broom.  While he was rather old, he still knew several interesting tricks and had proven his worth on more than one occasion.  Maybe he could teach her a few tricks she could then use to impress Bigwig.  She wandered around the Down searching for him, when she heard loud voices.  She approached the two rabbits responsible and listened.
-”I tell you, Hawkbit, I can't play bobstones all day.”
-”Nobody's asking you to play bobstones all day, Dandelion, and it's not as if you had any better ideas to suggest!”
-”What is there to suggest?  I was looking forward to a quiet afternoon lying in the grass and relaxing.  But no, instead we have to babysit Pipkin.”
-”Why couldn't Bigwig choose someone else, I don't know, Primrose, maybe?  She's already got four kittens, she wouldn't mind taking in another one for one day, would she?”
-”Look, Dandelion,” Blackberry interjected, “you're good at telling stories.  Why don't you try that?”
-”But I can't tell stories all day.  I'll get a sore throat.”
-”Perhaps you could act out the story?  Pipkin pretends to be one of the characters in the story, Hawkbit can be another, and you, Dandelion, yet another.”
Hawkbit and Dandelion remained silent for a few moments, contemplating the idea.
-”That could probably work,” Hawkbit said after a while, “and in the end, what have we got to lose?  Let's try it.  Thanks, Blackberry.  Now where's Pipkin...”
The two bucks went away to search for him.  Blackberry, meanwhile, resumed her search for the elderly captain.

It did not take long for Hawkbit and Dandelion to find Pipkin.  He was sitting further away with Strawberry, looking at a ladybug on a dandelion.
-”Hey Pipkin,” Dandelion said, “I'm going to tell a story, how would you like to be one of the characters?”
-”Wow!  That sounds very exciting!” Pipkin said.
-”All right.  So you're wandering through the forest one night, looking at the full moon in the sky...”
-”But it's daytime.  There is no full moon.”
-”We'll have to pretend.  Just stare at the sky.”
Pipkin raised his head and did as Dandelion had said.
-”...when suddenly, a fox springs from...”
-”Hold on,” Hawkbit interrupted.  “What story are you telling?”
-”The Story of the Rabbit who Served in the Owsla of the Black Rabbit of Inlé.”
-”Are you sure this is a good idea?  It sounds like a rather scary story...”
-”Oh, it's all right, Hawkbit,” Pipkin said, “I like this story so far.  Do carry on, Dandelion.”
-”So, as I was saying,” Dandelion continued, “a fox sprang from a nearby bush, and landed on you!”
With that, Dandelion playfully pounced on Pipkin, pinning him to the ground and making a lot of weird sounds.
-”What are you doing?” Hawkbit asked.
-”I'm supposed to be a fox, right?” Dandelion said.  “So naturally I have to sound like one.”
-”You sound more like Vervain who didn't get enough sleep, than like a fox, but never mind, we get the idea.”
-”So, the fox attacked you, Pipkin, and killed you.  You're dead.  And you know what happens when you're dead?”
-”The Black Rabbit comes for you?” Pipkin guessed.
-”Exactly.  So now we need someone to pretend to be the Black Rabbit...”
Pipkin and Dandelion looked at Hawkbit.  As he realized what was happening, he panicked.
-”Hey, don't look at me, I'm grey.  Find someone with black fur.”
-”I think you'll do very well, Hawkbit,” Dandelion said, “although you're a little pale.  Come with me, I have a plan.”
“Oh no,” Hawkbit thought.  “What did I get myself into?”

Chapter 8: Meet Death.: ShowHide

“While I thought that I was learning how to live, I have been learning how to die.”
--Leonardo da Vinci

Ever since his departure from Watership Down the previous day, Campion had been aimlessly wandering throughout the area.  He had not gone back to Efrafa, although he had briefly stopped by Woundwort's grave.  It had been opened, and the smell of weasel was everywhere.  Everything seemed to indicate that the corpse had fallen victim to elil.

Early that afternoon, Campion reached a large canal.  He looked down the stone walls at his reflection in the water far below.  Who was he?  He was an Efrafan, and it was his responsibility to lead his warren.  But he had made mistakes.  He had been trying to help the outsiders, but they had betrayed his trust by killing his Chief.  Or maybe they were telling the truth, and they really were innocent.  But either way, Vervain was right: he was a traitor.  Efrafa had no need for traitors; the warren would be better off without him.  Moss was a competent rabbit; he could handle things fine without him.
“And if the outsiders are responsible for his death, at least pretty little Blackberry is innocent,” he thought, raising his head to look at the darkening clouds in the sky.  He was so absorbed in his thoughts that he didn't pay attention to where he was doing, and as a consequence walked straight into the canal.  He squealed in fear as he fell for what felt like forever, before he painfully collided with the surface, and slowly sank in the uncomfortably cold water.  Almost immediately afterwards, he was struck by the propeller of a passing boat.

It took a while before Campion regained consciousness.  When he did, he struggled to remember where he was or why he was there.  This place looked like a desert; there were no plants nearby, not even a single blade of grass or weed.  While there was a green meadow in the distance, it was so far away that it was hardly visible to Campion.  He tried to move, but his legs were too tired to carry him very far.  At this rate it would take him moons to reach the meadow.

Suddenly, it became very windy.  This was not the soft breeze he had experienced the previous day on Watership Down, but an ice-cold feeling that prevented him from moving forward.  It took him all his strength to turn around.  In front of him was a tall, dark figure, roughly the shape of a rabbit, with two red shapes where the eyes should be.
-”Are you the Black Rabbit of Inlé?” he asked.
-”YES,” the figure replied in a low-pitched, echoey voice.  “WHAT DID YOU THINK I WAS?”
-”If my time has come, I am ready to go with you, Black Rabbit.”
-”I...honestly don't know, Black Rabbit.  I remember something about a river, and a boat...”
-”Since my time has not yet come, what happens now?”
-”Before you send me back, may I ask for a favour?”
-”May I speak with General Woundwort one last time?”
-”Not here?  But the outsiders killed him!  Don't all dead rabbits end up here?”
-”Vervain?  Are you telling the truth?”
Campion chuckled.
-”Good old Vervain...I never thought he would be brave enough to try that.”
-”Are you sending me back to deal with him?”
-”Do I have to kill him myself?”
Campion was about to reply, but he was not given the chance.  The Black Rabbit dissipated into a thick cloud of black smoke that entered Campion's nose and penetrated his lungs, causing him to cough uncontrollably until he fell unconscious again.

When he regained consciousness, the first thing he felt was cold in his tail and hind legs.  He turned his head, and realized that he was on the shore of a river, and the lower half of his body was still in the water.  He dragged himself out of the river and shook the water out of his fur.  He briefly looked at his reflection in the water; the top half of his left ear was missing.  To the left, he saw the canal he had fallen in.  To the right, he could see the boat he had collided with; he reasoned that it was responsible for his ear injury.  His mind drifted back to his trip to the Shadowlands.
“That must have been a nightmare,” he thought.  “There's no way I met the Black Rabbit of Inlé only for him to send me back to the world of the living.  And Woundwort still being alive, that doesn't make any sense: I saw his body, there's no way he could have survived such a savage attack.  The Black Rabbit was right about one thing though: I should look more carefully where I walk next time.”
Have you considered making each day count - doing something meaningful each day - instead of letting the days and weeks and months and years fly into oblivion? --Bright Side

Thanks to Rosie Willowwater for the avatar!

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Re: Possibilities
« Reply #17 on: June 04, 2018, 02:00:05 AM »
Man, can't wait to read these!

I shall try and write a review later :)

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Re: Possibilities
« Reply #18 on: June 06, 2018, 04:58:56 PM »
Back in favorites for the move of the forum. When I have time I will read it.   :silverweed2
I love Watership Down!
Everything is fine =) (?)

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Re: Possibilities
« Reply #19 on: June 10, 2018, 04:40:15 PM »
Thanks Claws, Acacia :)

Here is chapter 9; I hope you will all like it :)

Chapter 9: The Flexibility of Storytelling.: ShowHide

“Creativity has always depended on openness and flexibility, so let us hope for more of both in the future.”
--Siri Hustvedt

Hazel, Bigwig and Blackavar arrived at Nuthanger farm soon after they had left the Down.  The farm was unusually quiet, and the farmer's hrududu was nowhere to be seen.  Hazel slowly approached the doghouse, without getting too close, and looked inside.
-”Duster isn't here,” he said.  “That will make things easier, with only Tabitha and other cats to worry about.”
The three rabbits walked towards the garden, where several rows of fresh vegetables were growing, mostly lettuce and roots.  The scent of cat was old; Tabitha was clearly not going to be a problem, at least not at the moment.

Hazel approached the first row of turnips.  The smell of fresh flayrah was overpowering.  He grabbed one of them with his teeth and pulled as hard as he could.  Suddenly, he heard a hissing noise and saw something move in the grass nearby.  His first thought was that he had disturbed a snake; just as he turned to bolt, however, a cage fell on top of him.  He had fallen victim to a trap of some sort.
-”Hazel!” Bigwig cried as he rushed to the scene.  “Are you all right?”
-”I'm not hurt, but I'm trapped inside this cage.  How do I get out?”
Hazel quickly examined the cage.  The wires were too thick to chew through, and the cage itself was too heavy for even a strong rabbit like Bigwig to shift.  The only way out was to dig a tunnel.

Hazel stared to scratch at the ground, with Bigwig and Blackavar also digging from outside the cage.  Progress was slow, and Hazel was struggling to get the dirt out of the small cage.  Blackavar had no digging experience at all: Primrose had dug the entire escape tunnel in Efrafa herself while he acted as a sentry.  His digging was so clumsy that Bigwig eventually sent him away to warn them of any approaching cats.

Suddenly, they heard a sound coming from the direction of the farmhouse.  The door had been opened and a young human girl was walking out of the building, staring at the smartphone in her hands.  She briefly took her eyes away from her phone, and something caught her attention.  She slowly started to walk toward the cage.
-”Bigwig, run!” Hazel ordered.
-”I'm not going to leave you at the mercy of this human,” Bigwig replied.
-”You stubborn fool!  If you stay here, we'll BOTH get captured.”
-”I'll fight to the death.”
-”You can't fight a human!  JUST RUN!”
Bigwig glanced at the human, then back at Hazel.
-”This isn't the end,” he said before bolting into the bush where Blackavar was hiding.
The girl approached the cage and looked inside.  She then sat down next to it and tried to squeeze one of her fingers through the bars.  Hazel growled menacingly, so she hurriedly took it back out.  She mumbled something incomprehensible in a human language, then went back to her smartphone.  She sent a few text messages and took a selfie in front of the cage, before putting the phone back in her pocket.  With that, she effortlessly removed the cage from over Hazel, but before he had the chance to bolt, she put one of her hands around his chest, and the other under his tail and hind legs.  She held onto him firmly, and picked him up.

The girl had some experience in handling rabbits, having picked up the hutch rabbits on several occasions.  Therefore, the way she held Hazel did not cause him any pain, but being carried by a human was nevertheless a terrifying experience for him.

Bigwig and Blackavar watch with terror as the scene unfolded before their eyes.  After the girl vanished inside the barn with Hazel still in her arms, Blackavar asked:
-”Well, sir, what do we do now?”
-”We have to rescue him,” Bigwig replied.  “And stop calling me sir!  We're not in Efrafa.”
-”Yes si- do we rescue him?”
-”I don't know.  We'll have to think of something.”


After searching most of the warren, Blackberry finally found Captain Broom in one of the deepest burrows, sleeping on his back and snoring very loudly.  She wondered whether she should leave him alone, when he rolled on his side and slowly opened his eyes.
-”I smell something...” he mumbled as he slowly got up.  “Oh it's you.  You're Blackberry, right?”
-”Yes Captain.  I was wondering if you could teach me some owsla tricks.”
-”You want me to teach you tricks?  Woah.  That's the first time in seasons someone asked me to teach them tricks.  Young rabbits these days think they know everything...”
-”But can you teach me?”
-”Of course I can.  Come outside with me and I'll show you.”
Captain Broom slowly got up and walked out of the burrow, with Blackberry following him.  He moved very slowly, but Blackberry tried to remain patient.  Once they were both finally outside, the elderly captain stopped.
-”All right, so exactly what kind of tricks do you want to learn?”
-”Anything you can teach me.”
-” let's take a look at what we have.”
With that, Captain Broom grabbed one of Blackberry's front paws and examined it very carefully.
-”Ooh, very nice.  Now let me see your hind legs.”
-”I need to know what they are like, to see what I can teach you.”
Blackberry lied down and stretched out her hind legs.  Captain Broom sniffed them for a few moments, before hopping away.
-”Overall a well-built body,” he explained.  “Very good for digging.”
-”But exactly what kind of tricks can you teach me?”
-”Ooh...tricks...well you can't use your weight, that won't do.  You're too light.  You'll have to be flexible.”
-”Yes.  Did you ever notice how does are more flexible than bucks?”
-”I...never really paid attention.”
-”Neither did I!”
-”In that case, captain, how do you know they are?”
-”Ooh, the flexibility of does is a well-known fact.”
-”How am I supposed to use it to my advantage?  I want to do something that will impress Bigwig so he will let me join the owsla.”
-”Ooh, joining the owsla.  That's always a great adventure.  Oh yes.”
-”Can you teach me anything that could impress him?  I don't think he's going to find this...flexibility useful, or anything.”
-”Impressing another rabbit can be really hard sometimes.  I remember that day at Old Redstone when...”
With that, Captain Broom started to tell a story, from when he was the captain of the owsla of Redstone Warren, where Primrose was born.  He explained how he thought a certain doe, Lavender, would be a useful addition to the owsla, but the Chief Rabbit refused to let her join because she was a doe.  A few days later, Broom's patrol was attacked by a badger.  Lavender and Primrose's sister, who had been following the patrol uninvited from a distance, managed to distract the badger long enough for the others to get away.  The Chief Rabbit was impressed, acknowledged his mistake, and agreed to let both does join the owsla.

While in most situations, rabbits either walked away from captain Broom or changed the subject when he started telling one of his boring old stories, Blackberry listened with interest.
-”That's very interesting, captain,” she said once he had finished.  “But what can I learn from it?”
-”Sometimes,” he replied before walking away, “if you want to get yourself noticed, you have to do something crazy.  In the end, you either succeed or die.”


Three rabbits were climbing the Down.  Pipkin and Dandelion were the first to reach the top.
-”Come on, Hawkbit, it can't be that bad,” Dandelion teased.
Hawkbit grumbled.  In order for him to look more like the Black Rabbit of Inlé, Pipkin and Dandelion had rubbed mud all over his fur; however, this made him look brown than black.
-”Is there anyone else at silflay?” he asked.
-”No, just the three of us,” Dandelion said.  “Come on!”
Despite Dandelion's urging, it took a while for Hawkbit to reach the top of the Down.  When he had finally made it, he looked around him, and saw Blackberry and Captain Broom further away.
-”I thought you said there wasn't anyone else!” he said accusingly.
-”They weren't there when you asked,” Dandelion said, “but you took so long that...”
-”Well, never mind, let's just continue the story.  The sooner this scene is over, the faster I can start cleaning myself.  So where were we?”
-”I just got killed by a fox,” Pipkin said.
-”Oh right.  So...what happens now, Dandelion?”
Dandelion hopped over to his friend and whispered something in his ear.  A look of horror appeared on his face.
-”Do I really have to do that?”
-”We don't have anyone else to play the Black Rabbit, so you will have to.”
Hawkbit grumbled, then hopped over to Pipkin.
-”Pipkin, I'm the Black Rabbit of Inlé.  Welcome to the Shadowlands.”
-”It's nice to meet you, Black Rabbit.  I've heard many stories about you, but we never actually met before.”
-”Pipkin, is that seriously the way you would react if I really was the Black Rabbit of Inlé?”
-”Yes.  I must not let him know I'm afraid; instead I must use my fear to make myself stronger, like Bigwig said.”
Hawkbit sighed.  The more the story progressed, the more ridiculous he felt.
-”Anyway, were the last rabbit to die on the night of the full moon.  Therefore, you have to serve in my owsla until the next full moon.  You will be the Black Emissary.”
-”That sounds exciting!  What does the job involve?”
-”Many rabbits die each day, and I can't take care of all of them myself.  So, you will have to travel around the world and take other rabbits' souls with you as they die, and bring them to me so I can process them.  But be careful, and take the soul only once the body is dead.  If you take them before, bad things will happen.”
-”How do I take those souls?”
Hawkbit remained silent for a few moments, before turning to Dandelion.
-”Well?  How DOES he take those souls?” he said.
-”I don't know.  The story doesn't say that...”
-”What?” Hawkbit groaned.  “How do you expect me to play a role when I don't have all the information I need about my character?”
-”Well, it's not my fault, I didn't create this story.  I'm just retelling it.”
-”In that case perhaps we can move on to the next part of the story?”
-”That seems like a good idea.  Pipkin, will you go get Clover?  We'll need her.”
As soon as Pipkin had left, Hawkbit started to lick the mud off his fur.
-”This is the last time I try one of your crazy ideas, Dandelion.”
-”Come on, it can't be that bad.  It won't take you long to remove all the mud.  But until then, can you go and get Strawberry?”
-”I've already humiliated myself in front of you and Pipkin, we're not bringing him into this.”
At that moment, Pipkin returned with Clover.
-”Good job Pipkin,” Dandelion praised.  “We'll need Strawberry too, and Hawkbit here doesn't want to go and get him.  Could you take care of him?”
Once Pipkin had gone, Dandelion turned to Clover.
-”All right, we're going to need you to pretend.  Just lie down in the grass, and pretend you're dead.  Do you have any questions?”
-”Am I a normal rabbit?” she said.
-”What has that got to do with what I just said?”
-”Nothing at all.  I was wondering what you think?”
-” seem normal enough...” Dandelion said, exactly unsure what Clover was talking about.
-”Thanks.  It's nice to see there's someone around here who believes in me.  Anyway, I'll take part in this game you're playing.”
With that, she lied down in the grass, spread out her front paws and closed her eyes.  However, almost immediately afterwards, she started to giggle.
-”Clover, what are you doing?” Hawkbit asked.  “Dead rabbits don't make any sounds.”
-”It's not my fault you're so cute in that disguise, Hawkbit.”
-”Cute?  You think I'm CUTE?  Of all the words that could describe me right now, I can't think of a single one that would be less appropriate.”
-”You're too hard on yourself, I really think you're cute.”
-”Hawkbit!  Wha-”
Hawkbit turned and saw that Pipkin had returned with Strawberry.  The latter was staring at him in shock.
-”Don't ask, don't ask,” he warned.  “I don't want anything more said about this.”
Strawberry held his tongue, but he continued to stare awkwardly at the grey buck.
-”So, Strawberry,” Dandelion explained, “you just returned home at the end of the day, and you found out that your sister is dead.  She was killed by enemy rabbits while you were gone.  You are unable to do anything about it.”
-”Clover is not my sister.  And she's not dead, I can see her breathe.”
-”No!  No no no no no!” Hawkbit cried.
-”Just pretend that she's your sister and she's dead,” Dandelion clarified.
It took Strawberry a few moments to understand what Dandelion was asking him.  Finally, he approached Clover, put his front paws on her side, and turned his head towards the sky.
-”Who could have done something so cruel?” he said in an intentionally overdramatic voice.  “Why did they do this?  She never harmed a single creature and she did not have anything worth stealing other than a very small supply of flayrah.  I can never rest until whoever is responsible for this has been punished.”
-”So, Pipkin, you can now harvest her soul,” Dandelion continued.  “I don't know exactly how this is done, but let's say you touch her head.”
Pipkin slowly approached Clover while Strawberry continued his speech.  Before he had a chance to “take her soul”, however, she started to squirm and giggle again.
-”Clover,” Hawkbit said angrily, “you're supposed to be dead!”
-”I can't help it,” she said between fits of giggles.  “It tickles!”
Hawkbit groaned in frustration.  “At this rate we'll never finish the story today,” he thought.
Have you considered making each day count - doing something meaningful each day - instead of letting the days and weeks and months and years fly into oblivion? --Bright Side

Thanks to Rosie Willowwater for the avatar!

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Re: Possibilities
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Chapter 10: The Calm before the Storm.: ShowHide

“The most absurd and reckless aspirations have sometimes led to extraordinary success.”
--Luc de Clapiers

Blackberry spent a while thinking about what Captain Broom had told her.  “Sometimes, if you want to get yourself noticed, you have to do something crazy.”  Bigwig was the champion of crazy and reckless things; what could be crazy enough to attract his attention?

Blackberry continued to think about various parts of Captain Broom's story, until one detail suddenly caught her attention: Redstone.  The warren had recently been repopulated by refugees from Cowslip's warren, who were on good terms with the Watershippers.  What if she travelled to Redstone and back?  It was some distance away from the Down, and there were several obstacles along the way.  That should impress Bigwig.

She couldn't very well go there alone, though.  As she had never been there before, she didn't know the way; someone else would have to go with her.  Her travelling companion couldn't be Hazel or Bigwig: that would defeat the whole purpose of going to Redstone in the first place.  Hawkbit and Dandelion, while they did know the way, were not the easiest rabbits to get along with (especially not on a difficult mission like this), and they were busy with Pipkin anyway.

Then, she remembered Primrose.  Primrose had been born at Redstone, before Vervain raided the warren and took her and many others to Efrafa.  The two does had developed a close bond with each other, making Primrose the perfect travel companion for such a journey.

Blackberry soon found Primrose in the burrow she shared with Hazel.  The four kittens were sleeping close together in their nest in a corner, a rare occurrence.  Primrose, meanwhile, was in the opposite corner staring blankly at the wall.  She turned her head and noticed Blackberry's presence.
-”Hello Blackberry,” she said simply.
-”Hello Primrose,” Blackberry replied, as she entered the burrow and sat down next to her.  “I've been thinking about Redstone today.”
Primrose did not reply.
-”I would like to visit that warren,” Blackberry continued.
-”It's a nice place, I'm sure you'll like it.”
-”I want you to go with me.”
Primrose briefly turned her head towards Blackberry.
-”You're my friend.  You've been looking down since late yesterday, and I thought a visit to your old home might cheer you up.”
Primrose sighed.  As much as she hated to admit it, she really WAS feeling down.  What Campion had said the previous day was still making her think, and she still felt guilty over being indirectly responsible for the war.  Like all rabbits at Watership Down, she would gladly have sacrificed her life to save the warren.  But perhaps Blackberry was right, and the trip would cheer her up.
-”I'll talk to Hazel about it when he comes back from...wherever he is now.  All three of us could probably go tomorrow.”
-”Never mind Hazel, I was thinking just the two of us, today.”
-”Wouldn't that be dangerous?”
-”Travelling such a long distance is always a danger.  But don't worry, I'll protect you.”
-”Well, if you say everything will be all right, Blackberry...”
-”I'm glad to have you with me.”
The two does walked out of the burrow and went outside.  Before leaving the warren, Blackberry briefly stopped to inform Pipkin (who had taken a break from the story to pass hraka) of their plans, in case anyone else should ask about them.  Halfway through the descent of the Down, Primrose stopped to cast a last look at the beech tree at the top, thinking about how it had been her home for the past year or so, before following Blackberry.


Meanwhile at Nuthanger Farm, Bigwig and Blackavar continued to stare at the barn, until after a while, the farm girl went out of the building.  She was still holding her smartphone, but Hazel was nowhere to be seen.
-”Do you have a plan now, sir?” Blackavar asked.
-”Stop calling me sir.  And no, I don't have a plan, not until I know what we're up against.”
-”Now that the human is gone, s- uh, the barn should be mostly safe?”
Bigwig nodded in approval.  The two bucks slowly made their way to the barn, looking for cats but not seeing any.  Thankfully, the farm girl had not bothered to close the barn door when she had left, allowing the rabbits to walk inside the building.

The barn was very large, and stacks of feed bags and haybales were everywhere.  The scents were too strong to allow the rabbits to find Hazel by smell.
-”I don't think we should split up,” Blackavar said.  “We could easily get lost in this mess.”
-”You're right about that.  But you should take a look at the ground.”
Blackavar glanced around the ground.  It seemed to be made of dirt, and he soon noticed that the girl's footprints were still clearly visible.
-”You're starting to learn things,” Bigwig said, after his companion had started smelling the first footprint.  “After a few more raids like this, you'll probably be the most useful member of the owsla.”
Blackavar smiled at Bigwig's praise.  The two rabbits followed the tracks; it seemed that the farm girl had walked a long distance throughout the barn.  At one point along the trail, they suddenly heard Hazel's voice:
-”Bigwig!  It's nice to see you again.”
-”Hazel?” Bigwig called out.  “Where are you?”
-”Look up, to your left.”
Bigwig looked where Hazel had said; on top of two or three haystacks was a small hutch, the same one from which Clover had escaped the previous summer, and where her former companions were still living.  Bigwig jumped on top of the haystacks.
-”Hazel!  How did you get in there?”
-”The human put me inside.  Now can you please get me out?”
-”How do I open this thing?  I wasn't there when you helped Clover escape, it was just you, Fiver and Pipkin.  What do I do?”
-”Try to chew something, around the border of the hutch.  If you chew the right thing, this grid should fall off.”
-”And if I chew the wrong thing?”
-”Then we'll just have to hope for the best.  But try to look for my chew marks from last year.”
-”Anything I can do, sir?” Blackavar asked.
-”Yes,” Bigwig replied, “you can warn us of approaching cats and stop calling me sir!”
Blackavar nodded, and Bigwig jumped on top of the hutch.  Hazel's chew marks were still clearly visible on the metal hinges, although they were covered with adhesive tape: the farmer had not gotten around to fully repairing the hutch yet.  Bigwig took a brief look at the tape, before clawing at it.  He made a small tear, but part of the tape remained stuck to his paw.  He shook it violently in an attempt to get it off, and eventually succeeded.  However, he was faced with the same problem a few moments later, after tearing off a bit more tape.
-”This thing is so sticky!” he shouted, cursing.
Inside the hutch, the three rabbits living there were smelling Hazel carefully.
-”Why do you want to escape?” one of them asked.  “Life is nice here.  The farmer brings you food every day.”
-”Almost every day,” another rabbit corrected the first one.  “It's been a few days since the last time we got any new food.”
Hazel looked at the back of the hutch.  There were a few half-mouldy fruits with the labels still on, and a mouldy chunk of bread.  The water in the bowl was covered with something green; the smell was nauseating.
-”How do you eat that stuff?” Hazel struggled to say.
-”We have to.  It's all we have.”
-”Would any of you like to follow me?  When I get out of here, I'm going back to my warren, and if any of you want to come, you are free to do so.”
-”Why would we come with you?”
-”Well, for one thing, the food is fit to eat.”
-”This isn't the first time someone asks us if we want to leave,” the third rabbit said.  “Last summer, someone also did this, and he took what's-her-name with him.”
-”Clover.  I helped her escape,” Hazel said.  “She is still alive and well, I'm sure she would be happy to see you three again.”
-”Oh, I don't think so,” another of the rabbits said.  “We didn't get along with her very well.  She was just so curious about things.  She thought too much.  And besides, there are plenty of creatures trying to eat you out there, isn't there?”
-”Hey!  I actually liked Clover quite a lot.  I would have liked to be her mate, but I wasn't brave enough to ask her.”
-”Probably a good thing you didn't.  She never would have accepted you, she probably would have...”
Hazel sighed; these rabbits were starting to get on his nerves.
-”How's it going, Bigwig?”
-”It's really painful, Hazel-rah.  The humans put that stuff everywhere, and it's sticking all over me!”


Meanwhile at Watership Down, the story was still going on.  Hawkbit had been licking himself almost constantly, but at least half his fur was still covered with a thick layer of mud.  Pipkin had tried to harvest the souls of a few other rabbits, but it was very hard, as Clover and Strawberry were not always taking their roles very seriously.
-”So, for the next part of the story,” Dandelion said, “we need a white rabbit.”
-”That won't be me,” Hawkbit said firmly.  “You're not putting anything more on my fur.”
-”Snowdrop is white,” Pipkin said.  “No need to put anything on her fur.”
-”Snowdrop is too young for this!” Hawkbit insisted.  “How about Primrose?”
-”Well...” Dandelion said, “she's more yellow than white and she's too thin, but she'll do.”
-”You'll have to find someone else, she's not at the warren right now,” Pipkin said.
-”Where is she?” Hawkbit asked.
-”She and Blackberry went to Redstone.”
-”What?  That's the most ridiculous thing...”
-”Calm down, everyone,” Dandelion urged.  “We clearly won't find anyone perfect for this role, so I will play it myself.”
Dandelion lied down in the grass, and resumed the story:
-”They say there is a place where it is winter all year long.  It is always very cold, the water is nearly always frozen, and it snows nearly every day.  Also, time flows much slower there.  What they feel as a day feels like a full season to us.  The rabbits living there are almost entirely white, with a few black markings.  This makes it more difficult for elil to spot them in the snow.  I am one of these rabbits, fearlessly trying to make it through this dreadful snowstorm.”
Dandelion walked slowly and kept his eyes half-closed, as if he was in an actual snowstorm.
-“It's so snowy I can't even see the tips of my whiskers.  I don't know if I'm going in the right direction.  When suddenly...”
He looked at the others; Pipkin was clearly anxious to hear what was going to happen, while Hawkbit was shaking his head at Dandelion's ridiculous behaviour.
-”...the ice breaks and I fall in the water.  I try desperately to get back on solid ground, but I can't.  I die.  Pipkin, you go and take my soul.”
-”But Dandelion, something similar happened to Bigwig last Frith's Eve, and he survived.  Why do you die?”
-”...I don't know.  Maybe it's because there is nobody to pull me out of the water?”
-”Dandelion, I'm starting to think you're making it all up as you go along,” Hawkbit said.
-”Since I'm clearly not doing a good job, perhaps you would like to tell the story yourself?”
-”Who, me?  Oh no.  No no no no no!  I'm not telling this story, or any other story!”
-”In that case, please stop complaining.  You're only slowing things down.  Anyway, Pipkin, I'm dead now.  You can come and claim my soul.”
Have you considered making each day count - doing something meaningful each day - instead of letting the days and weeks and months and years fly into oblivion? --Bright Side

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Re: Possibilities
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Warning, it's dark...also the character of Cornflower comes from the 2016 BBC radio drama.

Chapter 11: Sometimes, You Do Something Crazy.: ShowHide

We are gonna die tonight,
there's nothing to be done about!
There comes the black abyss
Singing on this trip right under,
everyone has to deal with it,
it won't take much longer...

It took Bigwig a long time to finally open the hutch.  Removing the adhesive tape from the hutch was very easy, but then it was stuck to his claws, and getting rid of it was a major challenge.  After a while, he had removed most of the tape, and was able to push the hutch door open.
-”So, are any of you coming?” Hazel asked the three others for the last time.
The first rabbit started grooming his face.  The second one remained silent, clearly considering the offer.  The third one said:
-”I think I'll come, if you'll have me.”
-”We'll be glad to have you,” Hazel said.  “And as for you two, if you decide to change your minds, you can always follows us.  Just beware of the cats.”
-”Speaking of cats, Hazel, we didn't meet any so far,” Bigwig said.
-”That's good news.  But that doesn't mean we won't later on.  We still have to be careful.”
-”I did, however, see a giant chicken.  It was quite scary,” Blackavar added, causing Bigwig to roll his eyes.
With that, the four rabbits ran out of the barn.  Meanwhile in the hutch, one of the two remaining rabbits was staring at them.
-”I think I'll go.”
-”What's wrong with you all?” the other rabbit said.  “Why do you all want to run away?  Life in the hutch is great.  We don't have to worry about elil, we always have food...”
-”I miss Clover.”
-”Look, I don't mind losing the other one who just left with them, she kept getting on my nerves.  If anything, I'm glad she's gone now.  But I don't want you to leave.  I'll be the last one here, and I'll be lonely.”
-”All right...I'm staying...”
Despite this, Clover's friend remained sad, and started weeping quietly.

The garden was just as Hazel and the others had left it, and the trap was still there.
-”All right, everyone. Be really careful,” Hazel warned.  “Inspect all vegetables before taking them out of the ground.  We don't want any more accidents like earlier.”
Bigwig, Blackavar and the hutch rabbit nodded, and all four rabbits started to examine the vegetables.  They had picked up a few when suddenly, Blackavar gasped.
-”What's the matter Bla-” Hazel started to say, but was unable to finish.  He heard the meow of a cat, and before he could react, he found himself pinned under Tabitha's paw.  He tried to kick his hind legs, but hit nothing but air.
-”Bigwig...I think there's a cat over me.”
-”No kidding!  She's over me too!
Hazel turned to his head and saw, much to his horror, that Bigwig was pinned under Tabitha's other front paw, and he too was entirely helpless.  Seeing the rabbits' distress, Tabitha meowed in satisfaction.
-”Meow meow long-ears meow make big mistake meow.  Big meow meow mistake...”

Suddenly, she vanished from Hazel's field of vision.
-”All of you take your flayrah and run!” came the voice of Blackavar.  “I'll take care of this beast!”
Hazel and Bigwig got up and stared at Blackavar in shock.  As soon as Tabitha had recovered from the blow, she got back up and pounced on Blackavar, but he dodged just in time.
-”Don't worry about me, I'll be fine.  Just RUN!” he urged.
Hazel, Bigwig and the hutch rabbit had no choice.  They picked up the flayrah in front of them and bolted.  They ran as fast as they could, until they were safely out of the farmyard.  They then stopped and dropped their flayrah to catch their breaths; all they had been able to gather was a medium-sized lettuce, a turnip and a few small carrots.
-”Where's Blackavar?” Bigwig suddenly asked.
Hazel looked around; Blackavar was nowhere to be seen.
-”We'll have to go back for him,” he said.
Hazel and Bigwig ran back to the farmyard, leaving the hutch rabbit behind to guard the flayrah.  Hiding in a bush, they cautiously looked around; Tabitha was limping towards the barn, bleeding from several deep scratches, clearly not in the mood for any more fighting.  In the middle of the garden was a small brown shape with large red spots.  Hazel and Bigwig rushed to it.

Blackavar was severely wounded, bleeding from the side and the throat.  One of his hind legs was clearly broken.  Both Hazel and Bigwig could plainly see there was no hope of recovery.
-”Don't...worry...about me...I fi...finally did...some...something” he said between shallow breaths.  His eyes drifted to Hazel, then to Bigwig, then to the rapidly darkening clouds in the sky.  Finally, he closed them for the last time, and his breathing stopped.  The two others remained silent.
-”My heart has joined the Thousand, for my friend stopped running today,” Hazel said after a while.
-”Fiver's vision was right...” Bigwig said sadly.
-”Fiver is always right.  Why didn't we trust him?”
-”This isn't the first time we refuse to listen.  But this is the first time we lose a rabbit over it.”
Hazel and Bigwig remained motionless, until the insects started to tackle the corpse.  They dragged him to the tunnel that they had started digging earlier, and filled it up again.  As Blackavar was not named after any plant or anything that could be deposited on his grave, Hazel simply marked it with a small cross.  The two bucks sadly left the farm with the hutch rabbit, carrying what little flayrah they had gathered with them.  The warren had paid a high price for it.

Blackavar is not dead forever.


At Watership Down, Pipkin had just obtained the soul of Fiver's character, who had suffocated to death in a collapsed burrow (really just a few leaves gathered from around the Down).
-”Is the story over yet, Dandelion?” Hawkbit asked impatiently.  He had made a certain amount of process in cleaning his fur, but a few brown spots remained.
-”Just one more scene and it's finished,” Dandelion replied.  “What's the matter, Hawkbit?  Don't you want to know what happens next?”
-”Not really, but if we made it this far, we might as well make it to the end.  What do I have to do now?”
-”Well, you're the Black Rabbit again and Pipkin has completed his time in your owsla, so now you set him free.”
-”I hope you won't have to put more mud on my fur...”
-”No, don't worry about that, it won't be necessary.  Your fur is still black enough.”
Hawkbit approached Pipkin.
-”Well, mate, you've done a good job in my owsla, but now your time has expired.  You're out.”
-”Exactly what does that mean, Black Rabbit?” Pipkin asked.
-”Eh, you'll just be an ordinary dead rabbit.”
-”No more harvesting of souls?”
-”That's right.”
-”I'm glad.  It was getting depressing.”
-”And such ends the story of the rabbit who served in the Black Rabbit of Inlé's owsla,” said Dandelion.
-”Wait a moment,” Hawkbit interjected.  “It ends just like that?”
-”Can you think of anything else to add?”
-”...not really.”
-”So, Pipkin, did you enjoy this story?” Dandelion asked.
-”It was very fun, and it has a very positive message behind it,” he answered.
-”I don't see what kind of positive message there can be behind a story all about death,” Hawkbit said.
-”Well, you see, we all have to die at some point.  As I dealt with the souls of all these poor rabbits, I couldn't help but think about what they left behind.  I'm sure many of them, had they known they were going to die at that point, would have lived their lives very differently.  They might have spent less time goofing around and more time doing rewarding and meaningful things, such as spending more time with those they care about.”

Meanwhile, Fiver was sitting at the opposite end of the Down.  The dark clouds filled the sky, and there had already several flashes of lightning.  Hopefully Hazel, Bigwig and Blackavar would make it back to the Down before the rain started.

After a while, he finally saw some rabbits approach the bottom of the Down.  He was filled with joy, but it vanished when they reached the top and Blackavar was not among them.  Hazel nodded sadly.
-”Sometimes, I wish my visions were wrong,” Fiver said.  “Why do they always have to be correct?”
-”It's not your fault, Fiver,” Hazel said.  “You tried to warn us, but I didn't listen.”
-”Don't be too hard on yourself, Hazel,“ Bigwig interjected, “I'm as much to blame as you are.  I didn't listen to him either.”
-”Arguing like this won't bring Blackavar back,” Fiver said.  “Who's your new friend?”
-”Oh, this is...” Hazel started to say, only to suddenly pause.  “What's your name?”
-”Cornflower,” the hutch rabbit replied.
-”Welcome to Watership Down, Cornflower,” Fiver said.  “I just wish the circumstances of your arrival were more pleasant...”
The news of Blackavar's death spread throughout the warren rather fast.  Cornflower's arrival went largely unnoticed; Clover, Hazel and Fiver were the only who talked to her.  Everyone's thoughts on the day's events could best be summarized by something Hawkbit had said: “I wasn't particularly close to Blackavar, but he was still a nice chap.  I think I'll miss him.”

A while later, Hazel went to the burrow Fiver shared with Pipkin.  While Pipkin was asleep in a corner, Fiver was still awake.
-”Have you seen Primrose?” Hazel asked.  “I've been searching for her and I can't find her anywhere.”
-”Pipkin said something about her going to Redstone with Blackberry.  They left earlier today.”
-”They went to Redstone?  Alone?”
-”Nobody else went with them.  What's the matter, Hazel?  You look angry.”
-”I am.  I know that everyone is free to leave the warren to go wherever they wish, but seriously, that's really careless.  Aren't you afraid something might happen to them?”
-”I don't know.  I don't feel anything about them, one way or the other.  Visions don't always come.  But if I do have one, I will let you know.”
This proved to be only mildly reassuring for Hazel.  He remained worried that something bad might happen to his darling mate, and there was nothing he could do about it.

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Re: Possibilities
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I can finally start this fanfic, that rabbit is the strangest thing. He speaks with a lot of property, education and respect to be a simple vagabond. It is very mysterious ...
And as always Hawckbit takes the palms for being the funniest of the chapter. Let him sleep more please XD     :hawkbit2

Hawkbit: Hipster roo stole my pillow>.>

Right now I am using the page translator and it is very interesting to see everything in Spanish hahahaha.
I love Watership Down!
Everything is fine =) (?)

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Re: Possibilities
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Thank you Acacia; I'm glad you like it so far :)

*gives Hawkbit his pillow back* :hawkbit3
Have you considered making each day count - doing something meaningful each day - instead of letting the days and weeks and months and years fly into oblivion? --Bright Side

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Re: Possibilities
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AH...! :blackberry3 Okay, putting this fic on my to-read list but I'm having trouble not just reading chapter 6 out of curiosity...! Judging by the title, I'll love it!  :vervain2
Thanks for putting me in your fic, Chipster! Heh, it's kinda cool being featured in one! :D
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Re: Possibilities
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Thanks Chibiscuit :)

Chapter 12: The Four Warrens.: ShowHide

“The thunderbolt without the reverberations of thunder would frighten man but little, though the danger lies in the lightning, not in the noise.”
--Jules Verne, 20 000 Leagues under the Sea

General Woundwort was running.  He had been running all day, away from Efrafa.  Apart from the outsiders' warren, there was only one other warren nearby that he knew of; it was run by a buck called Cowslip.

The previous summer, Cowslip had, in exchange for his own freedom, told Woundwort the location of a warren called Redstone, where Hazel and his outsiders were presumably staying temporarily.  However, when Woundwort had sent his owsla to attack Redstone, the only creature there was a crazy old rabbit who called himself Captain Broom and claimed to be the sole survivor of “the great sickness”.  The outsiders had played a trick on him.

Woundwort later learned the dark secret of Cowslip's warren and how it was infested with snares.  He had every reason to avoid it, but at the moment he had nowhere else to go.  He had to build a new owsla in order to regain control of Efrafa and attack the outsiders.  From what he had heard, Cowslip's people were well-fed and unusually large, exactly the type of rabbit he needed.

As he approached the warren, Woundwort started to walk carefully.  It did not take him long to encounter a snare; with a single blow of the paw, he ripped it off its peg and broke the wire in two.  Finally, after getting clear of the bushes, he looked at his surroundings.  The warren was easily accessible by one large entrance, with a few other smaller ones spread throughout the field.  A large, light-furred rabbit with curly whiskers was lying in the middle of the field, munching on a carrot.
-”General Woundwort,” he said, softly and slowly.  “How nice to see you after so long.”
-”Yes, Cowslip.  How very, very nice.”
-”Shall we go underground?  This thunder disturbs me.”
Cowslip started to walk towards the entrance.  He was clearly in no hurry, and took his time with each step.  Woundwort was annoyed at how slow Cowslip was: what a waste of time!  However, since Cowslip would be a useful ally against the outsiders, he tried to conceal his annoyance.
-”Shall we go down to the great burrow?” Cowslip asked once they were underground.  “Eat fresh flayrah we carried there, listen to one of Silverwe-”
-”Never mind all that, I just want a large burrow for myself, and a look at your owsla.”
-”Owsla?” Cowslip chuckled. “My dear Woundwort, we have no owsla.  What do we need an owsla for?  Fresh flayrah every day, no elil, Sil-”
-”In that case, I ask for your permission to build an owsla, and be its captain.”
-”Exactly why should I give you this privilege?  What can you give me in return?”
-”Revenge.  Think, Cowslip.  Is there anyone, deep down in your heart, that you hate, and want to see suffer and die a painful death?”
-”Revenge.  Sweet, sweet revenge.  Hickory, Marigold and the band of traitors who dared to establish a new warren away from me.  If only they were all dead...”
-”Consider it done.  They will meet the Black Rabbit of Inlé very soon.”
-”How sad.  How sweet.  Shall you have some flayrah now?”
Woundwort and Cowslip walked into the great chamber.  A large number of rabbits were grouped around a large pile of flayrah, and listening to a silver rabbit sitting on a rock in the corner.
-”Who is that rabbit they are all listening to?” Woundwort asked.
-”Silverweed.  A master poet, I must say...”
-”Poetry!” Woundwort sneered.  “When I build my owsla, things will change around here!”
-”Change?  How disappointing.  Things are so good as they are, but if change is necessary to have revenge on the deserters, feel free to change anything you wish.”
Woundwort smiled.  Taking over this warren was going to be easier than he had first thought.


Blackberry and Primrose had been travelling for a while.  Primrose's mind had frequently drifted back to thoughts of Campion, but she also knew that it was her responsibility to lead Blackberry to Redstone safely.  By the time they reached the canal, the storm had greatly intensified, and it had started to rain.
-”How do we cross this?” Blackberry asked.
-”I'm not eager to try stepping stones again,” Primrose answered, “but there is a bridge further away.  Follow me.”
Primrose started walking downstream, with Blackberry following her.  It did not take them long to come across the canal gates.  While they were currently closed, they seemed to be leaking.
-”That doesn't look very stable,” Blackberry said.
-”It wasn't like that the last time I crossed it,” Primrose replied.  “But it's the only way to the other side.”
-”I'll go first, if it's safe then you can cross.”
-”No, I go first.  You're more important to the warren than I am.”
-”Everyone is important to the warren in their own way!  I go first.”
Before Primrose had a chance to reply, Blackberry dashed across the gates, and soon reached the other side.
Primrose sat next to the gates, staring at the water far below, before finally deciding to start crossing.  She walked rather slowly, barely paying attention to where she was going.

Suddenly a bolt of lightning came out of the sky and struck the metal armrest on top of the gates.  The electricity travelled through the gates themselves, and one of them broke apart.  The pieces of wood soon vanished from sight, carried away by the torrent of water rushing past where the gate used to be.

The gate Primrose was standing on, while still attached to the mechanism opening and closing it, seemed ready to break off at any moment.  To make matters worse, she was too absorbed in her thoughts to realize how dangerous her situation was, and she therefore remained sitting there, staring blankly at the current.
“Why doesn't she move?” Blackberry thought.  She called out to her friend, but did not receive any reply.  She soon realized that she had no choice but to save her herself.  She rushed back onto the gate and shoved her head over Primrose's tail to get her moving.  At this, Primrose finally seemed to register the urgency of the situation and started to run; Blackberry followed close behind.  As Primrose started to make the final jump onto the shore, the mechanism finally broke.  A powerful wave swept the gate off its hinges.  Blackberry, feeling she was losing her balance, made a desperate leap off the gate, and collided with her friend in mid-air.  Both rabbits landed roughly on the rocky shore.

Blackberry and Primrose remained lying on the shore for a long time, during which the rain intensified.  Finally, Blackberry got up and spoke.
-”You all right?”
-”I'll survive.” Primrose got up too.  “You saved my life just now.”
Blackberry remained, silent, unsure what to reply.
-”Come on,” Primrose continued.  “Redstone isn't far now.  If we keep going, we can make it before the storm gets worse.”
With that, the two does resumed their journey towards the warren.


Meanwhile in Efrafa, the pit was slowly filling with water.  The burrows were well insulated and no rain could be felt underground, but the sound of thunder remained loud and terrifying.

Moss was standing in the main burrow, staring at the rain.  It had been just over a day since Woundwort had fallen, and the owsla had been very busy questioning every rabbit in the warren.  So far, there were no obvious suspects, but the search was to go on until the culprit was found.

Moss' thoughts, however, were not about Woundwort, but about Campion.  He had not heard anything from him since his hasty departure soon after he became the new Chief Rabbit of Efrafa.  It was unlike Campion to act like that; whatever his reason for running away was, it must have been important.  And after a day, he had still not returned; this was rather worrying.

Suddenly, he heard another thunderclap, and it was unusually loud.  This was followed soon afterwards by the sound of wood cracking, and dirt falling from the ceiling.  The tree around which Efrafa was built had been struck by lightning.

The cracking became increasingly louder, and more dirt kept falling.  Throughout the warren, panicked rabbits ran out of their burrows.  The owsla tried to keep the crowd under control, but there were too many rabbits, and several of the officers were as panicked as the slaves.  Even after the cracking stopped, everyone remained terrified.

Once most rabbits had calmed down, Moss and the owsla were able to see the extent of the damage.  The tree, while not entirely destroyed, was severely damaged: several roots and branches had broken off the trunk.  A few burrows had collapsed, but there did not seem to be any casualties.  Massive cracks had appeared in many walls, a sign of more damage yet to come.  If a run collapsed, several rabbits would be trapped in the burrows beyond, and rescue would be impossible without triggering even more collapses.  All Moss could hope was that the storm would end soon, before the situation got worse.  Afterwards would come the hard task of stabilizing what remained of the warren to prevent its complete destruction.
Have you considered making each day count - doing something meaningful each day - instead of letting the days and weeks and months and years fly into oblivion? --Bright Side

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Re: Possibilities
« Reply #26 on: July 04, 2018, 04:51:22 PM »
Chapter 2 was a Copy paste XD
But I love to relive the chapters of the seire again and again.
Vervain being a slave makes me laugh, because that evil bunny deserves it, especially that they consider him crazy XD HAHAHAHA!
Chapter 3 was basically the same as in the series, but with notable differences in the dialogues, but more impressively the death of the general. It's all a twist, that was not expected ... That the weak of Varvein achieved such a feat. I hope Campion is the next leader of Efrafa.
And I hope for better interactions like Hazel x Primrose and Campion x Blackberry ...... Also Hawckbit x Dandelion (?) XD I just say.
I love Watership Down!
Everything is fine =) (?)

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Re: Possibilities
« Reply #27 on: July 06, 2018, 12:07:55 AM »
Thanks for the review Acacia :)

Spoiler: ShowHide
Campion will become the next leader of Efrafa, but there will be another twist... ;)

There will be more of Hazel and Primrose, Hawkbit and Dandelion, and other couples in future chapters :)

Reposting here for those who missed my other post, but this story is on hold for the next few weeks :(
Have you considered making each day count - doing something meaningful each day - instead of letting the days and weeks and months and years fly into oblivion? --Bright Side

Thanks to Rosie Willowwater for the avatar!

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Re: Possibilities
« Reply #28 on: July 18, 2018, 05:35:32 PM »
Read chapter 4 and 5
I still do not believe that Varvein had the great fortune of defeating Woundwort, and even after all, he did not kill him. I'm surprised that Campion did not send Vervain to death, just to get him out of the way, but he's very noble ... And then he blames Watership down. Chapter 4 was filled with many unexpected twists XD

The talk and interaction of Hazel and Bigwig was above all entertaining and enjoyable, but the best of all was when they speak badly behind the back of Clover XD

- "I'll be in silflay, I hope I can digest grass correctly despite not being a normal rabbit."

LOL That killed me HAHAHAHAHAHAH Well written Hipster-Roo
By the way, I do not read Spoilers.     :silverweed3       :primrose       :pipkin2
I love Watership Down!
Everything is fine =) (?)

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Re: Possibilities
« Reply #29 on: July 18, 2018, 09:50:50 PM »
Thanks for the review Acacia :)

I'm glad you liked these chapters, and the part with Clover :clover
There will be more twists as the story goes on... :blackberry2

I hope to be able to resume posting new chapters next month, if all goes well.
Have you considered making each day count - doing something meaningful each day - instead of letting the days and weeks and months and years fly into oblivion? --Bright Side

Thanks to Rosie Willowwater for the avatar!