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Author Topic: (FHC News, Sep. 18) New forum host, events and more!  (Read 949 times)

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(FHC News, Sep. 18) New forum host, events and more!
« on: October 13, 2018, 12:46:51 AM »
(thanks to @Crackers for writing this mailing :tassel)


Helloooooo Fiver's Honeycomb members!!! It's been... Quite a while, hasn't it? But! This just means we have a lot of exciting new to share with you, so let's get right into it.


Table of Contents

~Switch of Forum Hosts
~Chipster-roo's Promotion
~New Forum Organization
~Watership Down Community Read-Along
~Mini-Series Launch Date Confirmed!
~Creative Writing Event
~Member News


*Switch Of Forum Hosts

Zetaboards was merged with Tapatalk a few months ago, meaning all the ZB stuff got turned into Tapatalk stuff. Tapatalk simply would not do for our standards for FHC, so we immediately scrambled to find a good server host, and an amazing friend of the Staff who goes by James Gryphon offered his help in switching the forum over to SMF. So, Fiver's Honeycomb is now on Simple Machines Forum! A BIG ROUND OF APPLAUSE AND THANKS TO JAMES, CHIPSTER (who played a MASSIVE part in the whole thing) AND EVERYONE INVOLVED! (James also made us new, better buttons - Thank you, James! The info for that is down is in the link in the bit about the new organization)



*Chipster-roo's Promotion

Back in January, this amazing, helpful bunny got a well-earned promotion from Junior Owsla to Council of Chiefs! Congratulations, Chip, and well done. A round of applause for this hard working member!



*New Forum Organization

Due to the new forum's host, the layout of one section of the forum got a bit.... Squished, a tad bit buggy, and hard to look through. This section was Tassel's Media Tree. It is now its own section, rather than a subsection of Nuthanger Farm.  Plus Silverweed's, Marigold's and Campion's sections are now direct subforums of Nuthanger Farm like Bluebell's Banter and Inlé-Flayrah, and you can now get to them with (drumroll please) one click! Instead of two or three! Cool, right?


*Watership Down Community Read-Along

Haven't read WSD in a while, and want to refresh your memory? Or maybe you just want to have fun discussing the book? COOL. Because our lovely, lovely member Chibiscuit is hosting a read-along! It's a lot of fun and the discussion is great, y'all. Go check it out and give Chib some love!



*Mini-Series Launch Date Confirmed!

EVERYONE GRAB HOLD OF YOUR HATS! THEY ACTUALLY DID IT! THEY FINALLY CONFIRMED THE LAUNCH DATE OF THE WSD MINI TV SERIES! Mark it on your calendar, 'cause it's coming up quick! The first episode will be previewed on November 24th at BFI Southbank in London; Netflix release on Christmas day, BBC airdates not announced yet. How awesome is that?



*Creative Writing Event

Our awesome member MeadowRabbit came up with a really cool idea - A little writing event (NOT a competition, a simple, fun, event) involving writing ideas, or 'prompts', like a few keywords. Every member can take any prompt and dream up whatever their heart desires! The staff are still working on organizing it, but if you'd like to help out, feel free to DM one of us!
Link to Meadow's thread for a more detailed (and better) explanation:


*Member News!

Since our last mailing, we've had.... Quite a few birthdays, actually. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL YOU LOVELY BUNNIES! Hope your day was amazing!
We've also had a few new members (in no particular order):
Blue Daze

And welcomed back a few friendly faces, too! (Again, no particular order)
Crackers (obviously. No one else writes the mailings.)

I'm afraid that's all for this update, I'm sure it'll be more interesting and have more member news next month!
Hope you're all having a great day/night, and see you soon!
~Fiver's Honeycomb Staff
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