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Author Topic: (FHC News, Oct. 18) 40 thousand posts, miniseries news, and more!  (Read 924 times)

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(Thanks to @Crackers for writing this email!)

Hello hello, FHC members! It's that time again - Or, well, a little late but I've been sick; my apologies for not writing this sooner. Let's see what exciting things happened this October, shall we?


Table of Contents

New Forum Themes
40, 000 Posts
Mini-Series News
Community Read-Along
Writing Prompt Event
Forum Discord Server
Member News

*New Forum Themes

Hey guys, guess what! We have not one, but two new themes for the forum's background! One of them is titled "Losing Hope" and is the original theme for the forum. It's subtle and gray, very nice on the eyes. The other new one is called "Things to Come" and is made out of a few images from the new mini-series!!! How cool is that? It's very pretty. The theme "A New World" will still be available if you don't want to switch to one of the other two. (To switch themes around, scroll down to the veeeeerrryyyyyyy bottom of any page, and at the bottom right corner there should be a drop-down menu that you can choose your theme at)


*40, 000 Posts

GUYS WE HIT 40, 000 POSTS! *Pops party popper* The milestone post was made by Crackers, in the forum game 'Guess the next poster' (For those wondering, yes, she did guess the next poster correctly). We hit the 30, 000 milestone in 2016, guys, and it's been an amazing ride. *Raises another party popper* TO MANY MORE MILESTONE POSTS!


*Mini Series News

Alright, alright, I know this is the bit you've all been waiting for, I won't keep you waiting any longer. Since the last mailing, we've had a bunch of news!!!
We've had a new set of images released! (*cough*NewTheme*cough*) They're actually super cool, I love them. Come check them out.
You like Sam Smith? I would hope so, because he wrote and is singing the theme song! It's called "Fire on Fire" which is a really cool title. I'm looking forwards to it.
New cast members have been announced, including Peter Capaldi as Kehaar! Heck yeah, am I right?


Did you guys know we have episode titles now? I didn't know those had been released yet. They're extremely promising. I am EXCITED. GET HYPED WITH ME, PEOPLE.


*Community Read-Along

Hey guys, the read-along is just past the halfway mark! But it's not too late to join the discussion. Thank you so much to Chibiscuit for the amazing idea and for organizing it! It's been a great time for everyone involved, and I'm sure the second half will be even more fun.


*Writing Prompt Event

We just held our first creative writing event, just in time for Halloween. It was super fun seeing what our three participants came up with. They all had such different takes on the keywords/prompts given (Cobwebs, spiders, bats) and all wrote amazing pieces. If you missed out on it, have no fear! We'll be doing another one soon.... ;)


*Forum Discord Server

We got fancy. WE HAVE A DISCORD SERVER NOW. If you don't know what Discord is, it's an online instant messaging type of thing. You have to have a link to join servers/groups, and it's pretty cool. All of the main discussions will still be posted on the forum, though, so if you're like "meh" you're not missing anything! If you'd like to join you can DM a forum staff member for an invite.


*Member News

Since the last mailing, we've had three new members! Please welcome:
and last but definitely not least, clgpic!

And come on over to wish Magic-Rabbit, CockatielPony, and Darkling Nocturnal a very happy birthday!

That's all for this mailing, lovely bunnies - See you next month!
~Fiver's Honeycomb Staff
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