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Author Topic: (FHC News, Dec. 9th) New spoiler policy, miniseries news, and more!  (Read 904 times)

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Hi Fiver's Honeycomb members! Hoping you're all doing well! Let's take a look at what went on over the past month together, shall we?

Table of Contents

Miniseries News
New Spoiler Policy
Creative Writing Event #2
Member News


Miniseries News

Guys!! It's nearly here! The BBC One premieres it in 12 days, 22 hours, 5 minutes, and... Something seconds. That's not that far away, y'all! It's incredible. Since the last update, we've had a few exciting tidbits, such as the release dates. BBC One has decided on December 22nd and 23rd in the evening, and Netflix has moved their release date from the 25th to the 23rd.
In other miniseries related news, the coloring book and picture book have been released! They look pretty frickin' cool to me. They came out in the end of November, so hurry to find yours! (Or buy online)
There's been two trailers, guys - TWO WHOLE TRAILERS. One was from the BBC a few days ago, and one came out today. Plus! A clip was released in an interview with James McAvoy, the voice of Hazel. Go take a look at all three and come share your thoughts with us!


New Spoiler Policy

Due to the miniseries coming out so soon, we here at FHC have made a new spoiler rule. No one likes getting things spoiled for them, right? And with the mini series coming out so lose to the holidays, some of us might not have time to watch it for a while. Therefore, there are no spoilers allowed in thread titles and we STRONGLY encourage you to use the spoiler tag in the mini series section extensively once you've seen it. In all the other WSD media sections the spoiler policies are the same, unless, of course, you're referencing the miniseries. Thank you!


Creative Writing Event #2

Do you remember the fun writing event we did for Halloween? No? Allow me to summarize it for you: Members were given a set of words ('prompts' if you will) to hopefully spark some inspiration to write something. Didn't have to be WSD related, just had to have one or more of the keyword/prompts in there! Any length, any language (although English is preferred, but one of the staff will happily translate your story for you) and the deadline is December 31st. You can enter more than one entry (as many as you like!) if you're feeling inspired and poetry is also allowed. It's not a contest, and there's minimal pressure, so you have the freedom to be as creative and have as much fun as you like with your entry/ies.
The words/prompts for this event are: CANDLES, GIFTS, LAUGHTER, SNOWFLAKES.


Member News

Dang, at the end of the mailing already? (Well, I'm sure you guys, if you've read this far, are probably ready for me to hush haha)
This month, we've had two new members! Please welcome


Welcome to the FHC family, guys, enjoy your stay.
We've also had two returning members,
Welcome back!! It's great to see you again!
And look! We've had some member birthdays! Happy birthday to


That's pretty much it for today, guys. Enjoy your holidays, stay safe, and come see us!

~FHC Staff (but mostly Crackers, the one who writes the mailings ;))
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