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Author Topic: User your Smartphone as a Numeric Keypad  (Read 623 times)

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User your Smartphone as a Numeric Keypad
« on: May 29, 2017, 05:38:49 AM »
Alright guys, why do I came with this?

My old keyboard and mouse decided to pine away what with timely aging. So I decided to buy a bluetooth-keyboard and mouse. Unfortunately, BT-keyboards with a numeric keypad costs almost the triple of 10"-sized keyboards. So I bought an external bluetooth numeric keypad and it worked... for about one week  :fiver3 So I tried to find a solution to use my smartphone ass a keypad and this might be useful for other users who have a compact keyboard.

1. Install the App on your Smartphone
Download the app from

Set an Static IP
This MAY be necessary: Go to your router, search for the connections and configure your computer to get set a static ip-adress from your router. Otherwise, it may happen that your router defines a new IP for your computer and the app can't find it anymore. This is probably NOT necessary, but I did it for better compatibility.

Download the Windows Server and Install it

Define a password
Start the server. Check all three boxes in the settings-section. Define a password.
Then click the X, it will minimize the program to your taskbar.

Configure your Firewall
This is very important: Configure your firewall, so the program gets full access. Otherwise, you can't connect to your phone.

Start the app on your smartphone
The app should list your computer. Click it. Then, you*ll be asked for the password, you defined in the program. Enter it and connect. You can also define in the app settings to save your password.

And now, you have a well-working, free numeric keypad for your computer without wasting money.  :fiver

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