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Author Topic: [Song Discussion] Bright Eyes (Single Version) and conclusion  (Read 1212 times)

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[Song Discussion] Bright Eyes (Single Version) and conclusion
« on: November 06, 2015, 08:33:07 PM »
(Reviewed by Darkling Nocturnal on The High Lonely Hills).

What's going on in the heads of the creators? "We composed a superb soundtrack. Let's create a real crappy single-version"? Bright Eyes as an modern R'n'B-version. With snaps, cheap beats and the whole works. Stephen Gatelys voice is even really powerful during the end. A gospel choir and a slight e-guitar conduct him. That sounds yet interesting, wouldn't there be the bog-standard production, that ruins everything. After this song, you want to hear a round Trick or Treat.



Review by Hawkbit, founder of Fiver's Honeycomb:

15 – Bright Eyes (Steve Mac version) : This version of Bright Eyes was not used in the series. Similar to Gately’s version, its upbeat and pop in nature, lacking the qualities of the original film. I usually pass over this version as well.


In conclusion: In conclusion, it can be said, that Mike Batt composed a fantastic soundtrack. Unfortunately, the overall score is pressed down by some slips. In terms of figures, I would give a rating of 6,5/10 points. But because I think, that the one or other song should not be weighted so strong (especially, that there are unreleased tracks on the soundtrack should be noted), so we have a final rating of 8,5/10

Conclusion by Hawkbit: This television series soundtrack would be better if more of it was actually used in the series. Most of the vocal performances are not used, and much of the score is underrepresented while certain pieces get played over and over again. The CD is exceedingly rare and hard to find. I had to get my copy from Germany. Realistically, it’s hit or miss whether it is worth the trouble of seeking out. Try and watch some of the series episodes first (as of this writing, they’re all on youtube) and hear some of the background music before going on a quest to track down the CD.
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[Song Discussion] Bright Eyes (Single Version) and conclusion
« Reply #1 on: December 10, 2015, 08:37:25 AM »
No discussion about this song? Sad :( The main problem with this song, if they would have spared the crappy beats and hand claps and all that muck, the song would be a really interesting option for the original version.

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