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Hello, Everyone.

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Fox Teen:
Greetings, my name is Fox Teen. Watership Down holds a dear place in my heart. Growing up, I had experienced harsh realities of the world through being bullied by classmates - AND teachers, but when I found this remarkable story, I fell in love but little did I realise it was soon to play a big part of my life forever. Growing up, I suffered everything a teenager does with mood swings and vile thoughts you never wish to think and I worry about being evil and twisted because of it, until these characters showed me how to be a strong character, through the Winter Song. I am no longer a teenager (I was nineteen when I named myself Fox Teen), but the way this series (my favourite) and the characters helped me discover my inner strengths, they will always be a special part of my life. They helped me discover the person I never knew I was. :fiver :hazel2 :bigwig3 :pipkin :dandelion :hawkbit3 :blackberry2 :primrose

Welcome, great to see you here :fiver I hope you will like it here :silverweed3

Fox Teen:
Thank you, Chipster-roo. I really think I will!  :silverweed2

Welcome from me, an Englishman to a Welshman.

Fox Teen:
Thank you. Very nice to meet you, Magic-Rabbit.


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