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Hello Everyone

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Owsla Strong:
Hello Everyone! I'm Owsla Strong. Been a Watership Down fan, since I was in community college. I started from Watching the TV series on YouTube and eventually watching the movie. Also read parts of the novel too. However, I became more of an fan when the miniseries came out on Netflix and always consider the miniseries my personal favorite.

Acacia Heartstrings:
Hey friend, welcome to this magnificent community of rabbits, which is also a mega fan of Watership down. So your favorite version is Netflix? Hehe In my case I adore all the adaptations, but this last one is quite remarkable, especially because BLuebell finally takes center stage here Hehehe
Welcome you are friend!   

Nice to see you here :holly I hope you will have a good time! :bluebell

Owsla Strong:
Thank you, Acacia Heartstrings and Chipster-roo! I will, thank you. And Acacia Heartstrings, I do believe so too.  :)

Welcome to FHC, Owsla Strong! Hope you'll enjoy your stay here!  :fiver


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