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My Introduction

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Hi guys, gals and non-binary pals! Your friendly neighbourhood Bigwig stan here!

My name is Gabi. I'm a she-her non-binary, asexual nerd from Scotland who loves making pizzas and telling long, drawn out crossover stories that usually end up unfinished.

I kinda discovered this fandom by accident to be honest. We studied the book at school and we watched the movie in class. This prompted me to watch the TV series and, well...I became hooked.

I ship way too many non canon couples, the only canon ones being Hazel x Primrose and Holly x Hyzenthlay. My whole gimmick is crossovers and I have this thing where they can shapeshift into humans at will, because magic.

Anyways, I also love 80s music, cooking, drawing, cycling and of course, anything to do with my wild-haired warrior boi. He may be a reckless idiot at times, but he's my reckless idiot.

I have a crazy multiverse fandom AU called "The HUNTED! AU" in the works right now, and I plan to write several pieces of information regarding it on my wiki page, once I get it up and running.

You can find me on:
Wattpad: @Gabi McClurkin
Tumblr: @SplendidRed05
Discord: Gabi McClurkin#9642

Acacia Heartstrings:
Wow if you have interesting things to tell, but for me you are a bunny uwu
So I hope you can have a lot of fun in this forum dedicated to Watership down my friend. Without a doubt I think it will be to your liking and you will have many friends.   :hazel

Welcome to the forum!

Your crossover AU sounds really interesting!

What are some non-canon ships you like?

Hi hi!! Welcome to the forum! I hope you have fun here  :pipkin

Welcome! Unfinished stories, ouch, that one hit...!
Hope you enjoy it here!


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