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Frithaes hraeth!

I made an account on this forum a few months ago and have only been lurking around, so now I'm finally introducing myself here.

I'm Flickinger from Singapore. The first time I saw anything WD related was when I was really young and watching the TV series. I barely remember anything from it and I only recall the parts when Kehaar got the bullets out of Hazel and Campion getting absolutely bodied by Bigwig when he thought that Primrose was returning to Efrafa.

A while ago, I decided to watch the movie because of it's infamy for being disturbing. I ended up loving it and watched the miniseries soon after before getting my hands on the book, afterwards, Tales and the series. Watership Down easily became my favourite book of all time and it made me a big fan of the xenofiction genre. I've read from other great animal-xenofiction authors like Colin Dann, Garry Kilworth, William Horwood, Kenneth Oppel, not David Clement-Davies. I'm also reading through as many of Adams' books as I can get a hold of.

I didn't expect that a fairly-active community of Watership Down fans existed and I was so disappointed that I fell in love with it so late, I'm really glad I was able to stumble upon this site!

Acacia Heartstrings:
Well, I wish we were many more fans of the Watership down series, but we are a united community of rabbits who have a good time in this forum. Feel free to comment and have a good time in respect of your other colleagues.
Welcome Flickinger!

By the way, I love your profile picture is very funny XD JAJAJAJ
And how good that you finally decided to introduce yourself.  :dandelion

Thank you, Acacia! I'm happy to be joining this community and I think I'll enjoy being here.

I'm a few days late, but hello and welcome! I'm fairly new here too.

Ooh, Singapore. I have an online friend who's also from Singapore.

Also, as Acacia said, your profile pic is awesome. :D

Thank you, Stardust!


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