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Author Topic: Old tales from Inle-rah's Warren (2004-2009)  (Read 1016 times)

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Old tales from Inle-rah's Warren (2004-2009)
« on: July 31, 2018, 03:23:13 PM »
I decided to bring these tales here as they represent stories created by myself (as Arvens) and the entire Inle-rah board family when it was an active community.  The death of this community is what sparked the creation of Fiver's Honeycomb some seven years ago, and we're still here to this day!  Thus I feel we have something of a duty to protect the history of WSD fans and their creations, especially since I don't know if my recent savior posts will keep tapatalk from deleting that board because its been dead for so long.

The stories I share below are from an OOC roleplay "Life Around Inle-rah's Warren", based around the character, Inle-rah, the board owner.  The banner picture below from the forum was created by user Marli-Roo to showcase the characters we created in the stories.

The chapters are html files, I saved from the "print view" of the forum pages.  They will stay on my google drive perpetually even if the actual forum disappears.

 Chapter 1 - Finding Inle-rah's Warren

Chapter 2 - The Eyes of Elil

Chapter 3 - Daughter of a General

Chapter 4 - Psycho-tically Challenging

Chapter 5 - A Strange New World

Chapter 6 - Blood of the Autumn Leaves

Chapter 7 - Searching for a Mystery

You may have to right click and save the file to open them properly.  Left clicking doesn't always work depending on what browser you're using.