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Watership Down > 1996 - Tales from Watership Down

Was "Tales" as good as you hoped?

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Basically the question asks it all....when (and if) you read Tales From Watership Down was it what you expected?

I for one, was disappointed with the follow up to Watership's furry residents.  I felt Richard did not put it as much magic and detail into the chapters as he had done previously in the novel.  The chapter on Campion wasn't too bad, and I felt how his death was handled was decent.  However, I did enjoy hearing more El-ahrairah stories, namely The Sense of Smell, The Story of the Great Marsh, and The Story of the Terrible Hay-Making.  I think these stories showed the rabbit prince in a new light, one where he was boastful in some cases, but clearly made mistakes.  This showed he is still very much a mortal rabbit that is just like us.  :exactly

So what's your take on the follow up book?

"The Story of the terrible hay-making" was the best thing to come out of the book. The one with the maze was ok... Otherwise it was a book with rushed ideas that could have been made better

This is one question I can't answer right now, I'll have to finish the first book first. But I've heard how it ends, that surprised me. I liked Campion.

Sorry if I spoiled it. :o :doh

It was google books. :meh I didn't even notice that you mentioned his death till now.


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