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Author Topic: Nettle  (Read 1966 times)

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Re: Nettle
« Reply #15 on: January 02, 2019, 06:36:39 PM »
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After rewatching I have so many more questions about Nettle.

When exactly did she become a spy for Orchis? At first I thought she was already one since before Holly comes to Efrafa but now I'm not sure because Nettle is the one who is the most vehemently against Efrafa. She also comes with a plan herself (she doesn't get to finish it though).
If she were already a spy, what would be the use of coming up with a plan just to have it fail by your own sabotage? If she was only spying to help the does/was threatened then there would be no point to do this.

So either she wasn't a spy yet then or she was lying and she's trying to actively get Hyzenthlay in trouble.

Another thing that is odd is that when Bigwig and all escape, Nettle (who has supposedly been tricked by Hyzenthlay into making the Efrafans think the escape is taking place to the west) is actually waiting for Hyzenthlay at the correct entrance.
How? Did she realize Hyzenthlay had tricked her but still told the lie? And if so, why did she not run away as well? Had she hoped for Hyzenthlay's forgiveness then and there? Why not go along and explain later since she lied to Orchis to help Hyzenthlay then?

Or does she not want to leave? Did she perhaps hope to get taken along to continue to spy even at Watership Down? Because she does lie to Hyzenthlay then: she says she hasn't given any names but we hear her clearly spell out names.

Nettle became unexpectedly more interesting to me now. :nettle
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