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Clover’s litter

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Would it be fairly safe to assume, do you think, that Clover’s litter is most probably Holly’s?

 • Boxwood already had his doe, Haystack;
 • Strawberry was ill, and would still be mourning the loss of Nildro-hain;
(and neither of them were particularly good fighters)
 • Buckthorn is young and strong, but he was injured; and Holly outranks him, as an Owsla captain and his elder.
 • also, Holly seems to be the one, of all of them, who might have some faint beginning of a friendship with Clover (takes notice of her as a strong sensible doe, tries to help her settle into a new life at the warren...).
— and all the rest of the bucks were of course away on the expedition to Efrafa.

While we’re at it, what about Hyzanthaly’s litter? - I like to think Bigwig was the father; though for all we know, it could be almost any of the others.

Wasn't it practically confirmed they were Holly's, considering she was his mate? I'm not sure, but I personally remember they were Holly's.

As for Hyzenthlay's litter, I think they were Hazel's.

Normally I would put it up to your opinion, but Richard Adams seemed really into shoving these rabbits into monogamous relationships despite the fact rabbits don't really care for monogamy. Anytime a doe is said to have a mate, it's probably their mate who fathered their litter.

Clover was never outright said to be Holly’s mate (unless in the sequel book, which I haven’t read?)

But it seems to be inferred.

Again, I distinctly remember reading it happen. Unless that's a false memory, that's my opinion haha


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