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Watership Down > 1972 - The Novel

Illustrated editions


Hey guys! I'm looking to try and compile a list of all the illustrated editions! (Including any from Tales from)   so which editions do you know of?

I know of at least two illustrated editions of the original novel.

The most famous one features detailed paintings by Aldo Galli.  He visited the real world area around WD, and met Richard Adams, to guide his paintings:

The other one I know of was published in 1976, with illustrations by John Lawrence.  Here are pictures of the inside.
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Unfortunately, it is super rare, but there is currently a listing of it on eBay:

Alternatively, here is a listing of it for almost 200 euros:

Beyond these two, I don't know.  @Chibiscuit once bought an alleged "illustrated edition", only for it to turn out to have only a handful of drawings; there are probably many other such editions.  There are also many editions (mine included) that do not feature any illustrations at all beyond the cover.

My TFWD ebook has a handful of illustrations; I should post them.  I don't know about other editions.

Don't know any other Watership Down illustrated editions that Chister-roo didn't mention.

I own this copy of Tales from Watership Down which has a few drawings. The art style of the illustrations look very similar to the cover so I don't think the other editions share the same illustrations.

Acacia Heartstrings:
There are many photos of bunnies x3

Thanks for sharing!   :fiver

(Late reply!)

Yes, I can't seem to find any others outside of these two, despite having seen multiple books claiming to be illustrated. Perhaps they are just rebranded/binded/had new covers of these two versions. It would be nice to get a hold of some copies to compare!
I've also seen books of Tales From that claim to be illustrated, these warrent an investigation next!


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