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Hutch Rabbit Names


Do you think the owners of the hutch rabbits gave them the names Clover, Boxwood, Haystack and Laurel or did they take the names their mother gave them?

I can see a human naming a rabbit Clover (that's my bunnies name), but never Boxwood or Haystack. I'm thinking their rabbit mothers named them.

Acacia Heartstrings:
Just like you say, it is most likely. Especially because of Clover, she's the farm girl's favorite bunny. So it can be. The rest of the names come from things in nature like plants and rocks ... It's so pretty = 3

What do you think Lucy named her rabbits if these are their rabbit gives names.
I bet on would be named Snowball

I always assumed they weren't Lapine, as they don't really follow the general naming scheme of other rabbits.  I could see Lucy naming the rabbits Clover, Haystack, or Laurel, Boxwood being the only one that is a bit of a stretch.  They're all nice kid names!

BUT if I had to say she renamed them...I'd say:

Clover: Snuggles
Laurel: Cuddles
Haystack: Rubbles
Boxwood: Grubbles


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