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Healthy Mole's review

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well, in defence of some of these people, animals other than dogs or cats aren’t readily understood. if you don’t understand something, i don’t think you can really empathise with it. maybe that’s why so many people are confused that they read a book about rabbits. not quite exactly what you’re talking about right now, but oh well lmao

Fair enough, I do think that it's something that needs to be cultivated. You have to teach kids that, wow, animals are alive just like we are.

A lot of the reviews strike me as judging rather than perceiving.

I mean that is true. I'd say a lot of people don't even understand cats and dogs properly.

But the same can be said for the behaviour of a lot of humans. So, meh.

Perhaps I am being too harsh at times but still some comments in these reviews do rub me the wrong way. ...I should stop reading them.

yes, that is true as well

I find the excercise of trying to write or imagine the world through the eyes of an animal really interesting.  Thinking of things that would be important to them, how they would spend their time, how they form a military police with a cool name like Owlsa, it's all a good read.


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