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There is no Snarred Warren spin-off story or prequel....or is there?


Was wondering if there was a a spinoff or prequel story regarding the Snarred Warren? The one where Bigwig nearly died.

I'm afraid not.  Even in TFWD, the warren only gets two very brief mentions.
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* Fiver's feelings were always right, including at that warren.
* Silverweed was crazy, but Flyairth isn't.
There are a few fanfics, but as far as I know, only one of could qualify as a prequel, and barely: "The Children of Prince Rainbow", in which Silverweed tells a very twisted tale that also insults the Watershippers.

A few other ones I enjoyed:

* Tales of Shining Wire: after his family is brutally murdered, the farmer moves away and the snares vanish from the warren.  The rabbits (mostly OCs) struggle to adapt to a normal life.  It was never finished, and the spelling can be pretty bad at times.
* The Poison Tree: a one-shot about Laburnum, the rabbit responsible for the shapes.
* Silverweed by Night: Silverweed meets the Black Rabbit.


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