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Author Topic: (FHC news, Feb 2019) Miniseries release, new sections and writing events!  (Read 1085 times)

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Greetings, members of Fiver's Honeycomb!

The past two months have been among the most active in recent forum history.  Read on to find out more about the recent happenings!


Table of contents

Miniseries release and merchandise
New forum sections
New Watership Down emoticons
Writing events
Member news


Miniseries release

Years after it was first announced, it's finally here!  The long-awaited Watership Down miniseries aired on BBC One in the UK on 22 and 23 December, and was released internationally on Netflix on 23 December.  Most forum members appear to have enjoyed it, to varying degrees, and many interesting discussion threads have been created.  Here are some highlights:

General thoughts:
The miniseries on its own...
...or compared to the 1999 series:
Episode rankings:
An interesting scene at the beginning of episode 4:
The opening prologue:

In addition to the miniseries itself, several pieces of merchandise have been released.  These include potteries, plates, mugs, cutting boards, and more.


New forum sections

In order to keep miniseries discussions organized, three new forum sections have been created.  Firstly, we have a section to discuss the characters of the miniseries, named after everyone's new favourite Efrafan, Captain Orchis!  Check it out:

We also have a section to discuss the individual episodes (named after the mysterious new doe Nettle) similar to the sections for the 1999 series.  Come take a look:

Finally, we have a new section to discuss the miniseries' soundtrack, which has recently been released on Spotify, iTunes and other platforms.  Come join the discussion:


New Watership Down emoticons

The forum features many custom emoticons of Watership Down characters.  With the miniseries' release came several new emoticons, created by forum member Chibiscuit.  Most of them are of miniseries characters like Bluebell, Hyzenthlay and Orchis, but a few emoticons for the 1999 series have also been created.  Thank you, Chibiscuit, for your contributions!


Creative writing events

In the previous mailing, a Christmas-themed writing event was announced.  This event has since concluded, with three amazing entries from as many members.  Come take a look!

In addition to this, a Valentine's Day-themed writing event is being held until the end of February!  We're looking forward to seeing what entries our members will come up with.


Member news

We have had many new members join us recently!  Let us welcome:
Howling Flames

In addition to this, several previously inactive members have returned.
Cowslip is hosting an exciting roleplay called “Red Thorns”, which has been a great success so far.  New players are still welcome:
Carnation264 has made several drawings of WD characters:
Leo-rah has participated in December's writing event, mentioned above.

Other returning members include Bruno, Folgrimeo and Rosie Willowwater.  Welcome back, everyone!

Also, happy birthday to singhcr, Silverweed's Claws, Carnation264, Fivergoalkeeper, Leo-rah, Chibiscuit, pushmipullu and Capt. Rake Nightfur!


That's it for this month.  Thank you for reading, and for your contributions to the forum!  Have a great day!
--FHC staff
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