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Author Topic: The Easy Life  (Read 1702 times)

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Re: The Easy Life
« Reply #15 on: September 29, 2021, 03:32:54 PM »
I agree, this is a great episode. Probably my favourite out of the first eight episodes I've watched so far (up to "Escape from Efrafa"). Cowslip's Warren has an eerie and haunting atmosphere to it, and there's very clearly something off about it even before we know why. I especially love the sad music that starts at 9:16. Another chilling moment when Strawberry suddenly breaks out into mad laughter.

This is one advantage the TV series had over the film; the film had to cover the plot points fairly quickly, whereas here we get an episode devoted to Cowslip's Warren and there's more time to soak up the creepy atmosphere. Although the snare scene I thought was done better in the film, but oh well.

Great episode, it really showed that the series was going to be a lot more than your standard, cheesy cartoon.
Agreed here too; this is the first episode where I felt that as well.

It was surprising and sad to learn that Pimpernel died; I kept expecting him to show up at some point. Though it was satisfying at the end when Strawberry joins them. I too am a fan of his character.

So... Pimpernel died on the snares and that's it? That's kind of lame, actually.

It would have been very awesome if they had the guts to show the group finding his (or hers, I don't know) corpse on the shining wire. It also wouldn't hurt if they told the audience who Pimpernel was, just in case -and chances are- they didn't watch the movie nor read the books.
That would have been appreciated. Although at the same time, the fact that he died offscreen and the others didn't even learn about it until sometime later, in a way I thought made it more chilling.