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Author Topic: The Hlessi and The Hare Rp Stories  (Read 1317 times)

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The Hlessi and The Hare Rp Stories
« on: April 25, 2018, 12:25:25 AM »
:silverweed3 Hallo, everyone. :D
*Tackle-hugs with nuzzles*
I'm here with Roleplay writing that turned into a story Me and Wertlosehoffnung made with our Oc's characters, Vesper and Carduus. We have here our English and German Translation of the story and an inspired drawing he created involving the story. Honest and Constructive reviews and criticism is encouraged as always, my dear friends. We hope you enjoy.  :fiver

<big>The Hlessi and The Hare</big>

English Version The Hlessi and the Hare: ShowHide

By Wertlosehoffnung and dplutonium13

            It was a cloudy and windy evening day upon the Downs of Southern England as Frith was edging towards the west into the evening. Upon one of these down, near Kingsclere was the grand yet hidden gem of Watership Down. At the top stood alone beech tree that had stood its ground since its inception. Upon the grass field around the was a Hlessi Swamp Rabbit, a foreigner for those of the Warren here but after a while, he’s been known enough to be trusted with their kittens as the Self-described ‘Hopeless Romantic’ Vesper was playing with the kittens, as they tackled him and playfully pounce on them in response as they giggled at his futile attempts out beat them.
As this was going on, a Hare by the name of Carduus was laying in the grass and partially sleeping with slow and deep breath as he listened to the wind, blowing through the high grass and trees around him as he then caught the sound of faint laughter from the kittens and the voice of his friend, Vesper. Carduus then got up and sat on his hind legs and a soft smile formed upon the white bucks face as he sees that Vesper is playing with the little rabbits."It’s a wonder that this buck has not a mate," thinks Carduus "yet he would be a wonderful father," he commented.
Vesper, upon seeing Carduus awake and smiling, he conferred with the kittens and secretly, they sneaked up to the Hare and tackle-hugged him. After a while of having fun, the parents came to retrieve their kittens for the upcoming night, leaving Vesper and Carduus alone to themselves in this evening. Vesper watched as the Parents took their kittens away and sighed seeing the happy families hop away to their burrow.
            He turned to the Hare, who had to notice he sighed and he smiled at him. "I know what you may be thinking. Yes, Carduus. I may be a quiet Romantic, yet I'm still hopeless at it." Vesper responds to the Buck. "Hopeless on the search of someone?" asks Carduus back to the brownish Rabbit. "I think it's more of I enjoy being alone, yet I don't enjoy being lonely. It is contradictory but it is how I feel at times. Even now...Perhaps I'm hoping someone is searching for this sad Hlessi of a rabbit." reasoned the buck. The words of Vesper bring the hare to thinking of his past and the actual moments of his own sadness. Many lonely days were of his past that had made it hard to care for himself. So many cold evenings before he rested those nights."I think in the near future, someone will be right for you,” Carduus smiles to his friend. "I don't know. I’ll be going into the forest to find some berries or something tasteful..w Want you to come with me?” The white buck asked. "Thanks, dear. That's reassuring to hear." Vesper said with a smile as he nuzzled Carduus. "Of course, I'll come with you. Someone gotta keep you outta trouble or try." Vesper said with a wink as he was in a better mood. With that, he and the Hare went to collect berries from deep in the forest. Little did they know, the thundering clouds of an incoming storm from the east were on there way towards them.
                Carduus enjoy the eat that sweet, sometimes sour berries. It is not self-evident however that he indulges in something so delicious. It was almost a coincidence that the two found such a large shrub with juicy and sweet berries. And with Vesper with him, Carduus is happiest of the two. Spending time with such a dear friend makes the evening the most beautiful for the Hare.
But over the dense trees, the skies gradually become gloomy. Thick and almost black clouds pull up towards the tall, wide sky as they heard the wind blowing a thunderstorm across the land.
The two bunnies do not realize this thunder-weather as an immediate threat Until some raindrops hit Carduus coat fur."Oh, my goodness. We should best visit our borrow...Mine is near.. Hurry.., Grab another twig and then let's get away from here.."Says Carduus frantically as the two take bites of twigs from the shrub and Carduus shows the way for Vesper to get Carduus dry borrow as a sanctuary for the incoming storm.
                Vesper bites another twig along the way with Carduus and makes his way to the Hare's burrow as the winds started picking up violently with the rainfall coming close towards them. Luckily, they take shelter as they set down there Berries and rest inside the burrow as they look out in awe at the severe storm brewing outside. Vesper looked and noticed that the hare was a bit dirty from collecting berries, started to clean him, picking the leaves, little sticks and twigs from the Hare's fur. After a while, he had finished and brought over both of their twigs they had managed to collect and set it down in front of them as he laid next to the hare beside him, pressing close for warmth. Vesper in particularly did enjoy himself and found it comforting being with his dear friend for he had this reasoning upon his thoughts that this was better than resting alone in his own burrow. Vesper snuggled the hare a little more cozily and blushed when Carduus saw him, responding with a smile to the hare.
                Carduus was flattered when his friend first cleaned him up and now he snuggled up so close to him. For gratitude, Carduus stands up and licks his ears, the back his head and his back.Vesper giggled at Carduus licks and even licked the hare's face in gleeful satisfaction. Once the hare had finished, he thanked him for it and poked his snout and lips to the hare's forehead as a gesture of gratitude and affection, one he was taught by his Human who took care of him when he was a kitten. A spark fluttered once he did that from between the two of them, which intrigued them. Vesper thought to himself how good Carduus was and was glad to frith for his presence as he then got up tall to his height and nuzzled him, catching the Hare off guard. At the moment, the rain had finally subsided after a short yet strong downpour.
Both listen to the little droplets of the weakening rainstorm as they then left the burrow towards the warren, which was still a distance away as the thunderstorm can still be heard in the distance. However, it was already dawning and usually for Carduus, it was about time to rest for the night. "Your burrow is still far away.." commented the white buck.
"But if you want to spend the night in your borrow, I will be happy to accompany you back.
Otherwise, you are welcome to stay here..?" Carduus smiles.
"Yes, it is quite far. You're right about that." The Brown Buck said as he listens upon hearing his offer and considered it, looking at the distant thunderstorm flashes.                                                                                                                                                                         "I actually would not mind at all staying at your burrow for a while, dear. Besides I'm curious as to the type place you've got yourself in. Hopefully, there are not too much Wine bottles laying around." Vesper said sly with a wink as he followed the White Hare. “Wine bottles in a borrow,” Carduus asked in confusion. "It's a joke, dear," Vesper said in Carduus bewildered look before grabbing to the Hare and pulling him along. Carduus giggled as they both hopped back to the borrow.
Upon arriving, Carduus went deep inside and laid down in the dry leaves that he made himself for his bed. Vesper see's Carduus laying down in his bed of dry leaves and surprises the Hare by jumping and tackle him, pinning the hare down and to not allow the Hare to protest, Vesper, bites his ears playfully in a hold. "Gotcha!" he said triumphantly with a wink.
                Carduus makes no bigger moves and lets Vesper chew on his ears. But until he bites a bit too much, Carduus then rolled on to his side that his friend is now on the ground of leaves. Carduus suddenly sits on the belly of Vesper and holds his front paws on the ground. Carduus is smiling and getting his head near him and as they then started rubbing their noses together with him initiating it.
Vesper blushed heavily upon now being pinned to the ground by the Hare with blue eyes staring back at, such as like his own he thought. It was mesmerizing, perhaps to the point where he did not realize the smiling buck rubbing his nose and when he did, he was surprised. Yet, it wasn’t just that, there was another feeling that may have unfamiliar to him, but it felt warm. As if his heart beating faster was any more of an indication of this, a smile started to return on his own face and Vesper returned his Nose Rubbing with his own and nuzzled him affectionately yet deeply. While this, Carduus loosen his grips on Vesper front paws and he was able to get free but instead of retaliating when he had the chance, he wraps his arms around Carduus and slowly gets up and ease him off his belly(which at the time, had made it hard for Vesper to breathe). The two then sat in front one another, with Vesper now holding Carduus paws and occasionally caressing them with his own as the two then briefly ended there nose rubs and headbutted one another as they looked at each other with a smile. Vesper blushed as he then pulled himself closer and leaned closer to him once more yet hesitated due to his shyness.
"Are you blushing because I had given you so hard a chance to breathing properly from me sitting on you?" Carduus smiles with a little laugh.
The hare then laid his arms around him and whispered. "You are beautiful. Beautiful from your heart and soul. Beautiful from your outside, of your blue eyes, your smile until you flower!
Vesper I love you!!"
Carduus kiss the forehead of his fellow.
He closes his eyes and thinking about the past... So many beautiful memories and moments with him in the past and so many bad days are without him. Can this be possible that the beautiful memories and moments will lead to the better days in the future?
                The feelings were exactly the same as when a pretty female bunny is hopping in front of Carduus nose, without having the memories in his head though…
Vesper closed his own eyes as his heart leaped and perhaps skipped a beat upon hearing Carduus words and he felt a wave of happiness upon hearing those words 'I love you'. It felt too surreal yet here he was, in the arms of the Hare who had made his life exceptionally unique once arriving upon the warren. There were indeed hardships and struggles that he went through but he pulled through and with the help of the Hare and other wonderful rabbits, he's kept going and he's eternally grateful for that. At times, he's often felt a little lonely at times, even with others he knew and trusted, yet when Carduus appeared, he felt things would be better, ‘the hare's here’. That thought always made him happy when he was around the Hare and had grown close to the buck for quite some time, though Vesper often kept to himself. He often played and cared for the kittens and that was in itself, amazing and wonderful for him yet the Hare exceptional in making it all the worthwhile.  Upon hearing the Hare say those words and kissing him on the forehead, it felt indescribable yet the kiss turn surreal into their reality.
                Vesper open his eyes to see the Hare, eye close in thought and using his paws, he supported himself by grabbing the Bucks' shoulders and kissed the Hare's forehead, which caught the Buck in surprise once more, yet Vesper smile nuzzled him fondly yet lovingly as he replied with a rare smiling look he often did when he was happier than usual, "You have no idea how it feels hearing you say that, dear. I'll try though. It feels great. You're remarkable, highly creative and kind towards me. You have made mistakes in the past, but you saw and try to correct these mistakes. That takes a lot of spirits and good will dear and Carduus, you have it!" Vesper said proudly as he placed one of his paws on the Hare's chest where his heart would be."I'm honored honestly yet incredibly thankful. I may not see myself as for how you described due to believing that I'm too flawed to be what you described me but I can see what these words mean to you about me. Though, I can see those words befitting more towards you, dear. You may be imperfect, yet I see you have a good heart… one that I love in fact…” Vesper paused as blushed more heavily as he struggled to continue on. “Carduus I love you too!! More than I’m able to express though I’ll try!” and with that, Vesper took the leap (literal leap) and kissed him.
                The sudden kiss of Vespers astonished Carduus. He almost didn't expect that from him (only almost). Carduus thought he would never be the best friend for Vesper and therefore would disprove him.Of course, Carduus recovers the kiss and caresses his paws over Vesper's cheeks.
The kiss was still long as Carduus eyes started to gradually form with tears. Not that he was crying with sadness, but they were more tears of joy and of happiness. In his head, the happy memories still played out with Vesper. Slowly replaced is the kiss and both were still in arms. Carduus wiping the tears from his eyes and then again put his paws around Vesper.
Both found themselves gazing deeply into their blue eyes and smiled.
Vesper and Carduus were now in each other's arms, smiling as they started towards each other in loving gaze. Vesper was incredibly happy, he did not even think of having it in him to actually kiss the Hare but he did and what surprised him most though was that he had kissed back. It made him feel like butterflies were flying all over inside his stomach yet it was blissful. When the two had ended there kiss, Vesper blushed yet smiled sweetly and noticed Carduus wiping away tears before placing his arms around the Hlessi once more. Vesper noticed the smiling Hare tearing up once more and lean in to lick away his tears and nuzzled the Hare to help with his tears. "I love you," the Hlessi said as he nose-kissed Carduus.
                Vesper then grabbed Carduus paws and slowly led him to the entrance of the burrow so they could see the Rain dissipating into a mist as Frith's light was shining out from the rain filled clouds closer towards the horizon. He then smiled as Frith turned the Rain into a rainbow and spring chill enveloped them. Vesper held the Hare's paw tightly and rest his head on Carduus chest with a loving nuzzle then look up towards him in serious yet still somewhat shy tone as he blushed and begin speaking. "Carduus, if you would hear me out, there's something I would like to ask you and I hope you would hear me out dear and I understand if you think otherwise, dear," Vesper said as he gave them both space. "Carduus, as Frith's my witness, I wish to be your best friend but not just your best friend here in this world of ours. I wish to be your faithful partner, this may sound ridiculous but perhaps your true love. I promise to try to keep you encouraged, inspire you and to love you truly through good, bad, whatever the case may be. I hope to be there to laugh with you and try to lift you up when you down, and through all the adventures of our lives, I'll do my best to love you unconditionally, together... do you feel the same though?" Vesper then became quiet as he waited respectively for a response.
Carduus heartbeat goes faster as he then heard the words and the question of his fellow. He smiled and looked at him in his beautiful blue eyes. The feelings to Vesper are new for the hare, but they were wonderful.Carduus know Vesper is a buck too, but this doesn't matter to him.
The hare had been thinking about a mate anytime and says.. 'If someone loves me, however, I have my mistakes and troubles, so I love much this person too.'
Vesper is a great friend...And now he should be a wonderful partner and mate to me.
"Yes!! Yes, I hope this I will do the same."
Carduus kiss the hlessi again on his mouth and caresses his paws over Vesper's cheeks.
                    Vesper was kissed by the Hare as he said Yes. In Vesper mind, it was that of amazement, he actually said yes and to him it was astonishing. He a mixture of happiness, love, serenity, peace, content, excitement, perhaps the thrills of love they may call it. As he regains his senses once more, Vesper returns the kiss back the Hare and put his paws around his neck as the kiss grew deeper. Once they stop to catch their breath, Vesper laid his head upon Carduus own and chuckled as if to say ‘Wow. This is wonderful.’ Indeed it was, Vesper had always been one to say, a 'hopeless romantic' and often yearned for what the Mates in the Warren had and at the moment he realized he love the buck, he wondered of the rare possibilities they may have. True, it's rare for two bucks to love one another as mates do, but he hopes that perhaps, they could be an exception and perhaps make the impossible perhaps possible as Vesper thought to himself.
As Vesper looked deeply into Carduus blue eyes and the Hare continued to caress his paws upon him, he exclaimed, "For a Hare, dear, You can be indeed Romantic, glad I'm not the only one." Vesper said with a sly wink. "But hey, in all seriousness, dear. Thank you. How about we get back to your burrow and rest for a bit dear? I can see that you're tired, maybe a nice slumber may help with that. : ) A lot has happened today and perhaps tomorrow, we can talk about us, dear? What do you say?" Vesper asked the white buck upon him.

"Yeah, I’m a little bit tired. Normally I would go to sleeping by now," said Carduus with a laugh. "I have in my mind that's after the rain, the night would be cold. Now I am happy that I am not alone in my nest and have someone to get by stay warm." Carduus haves a permanent smile on his face. Vesper goes in first in the borrow and the white buck takes his one ear and bites in it.
‘No it isn't a dream. It's a wonderful reality that really happens,’ he thought to himself. He looked back to the horizon and see that Frith is slowly, with the last shine, going down.
He got down to all four and hopping in his borrow, in that now waiting for his mate for him.
Carduus joins Vesper, who still adjusting himself in the leafy nest of his, though perhaps it is his too. The two snuggle one another for warmth and nuzzle a bit as Vesper laid upon the side of his Mate and rested his head close to Carduus. "Rest well, my love," Vesper said as he gave him a quick kiss and then set his head down and closed his eyes to sleep as Carduus still adjusted himself for sleep. That day, was one Vesper did not wish to forget or be in vain for Vesper had a mate and was also the mate of another. That was big deal for him and it made him feel all warm inside, though he shivered at the cold air entering the burrow as tried to gain warmth from the Hare.
Carduus saw that Vesper have a cold as he trembled lightly. Carduus stood up again and jumped over his mate. He lay down next to him again and sprang Vesper so he turned to his side and Carduus snuggle to his back with his arm laying on him.
"I wish you a wonderful night too, my sweetie. I hope you haven't cold now.."
Carduus licks Vesper's cheek and gives a kiss. He lay down his head in the nest and closes his eyes too.
And the two had slept peacefully with one another, lovingly. Vesper was in the loving arms of his Hare and Carduus snuggled Vesper closely as the two were warm together. They hope it would be the first of many nights as this was also there first night as Mates in the Hare's nest and to them, this was beyond their wildest hopes. As the night continued on, Vesper's blue charm glow bright blue as a certain Golden Prince came upon the nest to check on                             Vesper and smiled to see he was not only well but in love and with a mate of another rabbit who had been kind to him. He said his blessings upon both of them before leaving them in there slumber as frith was slowly almost rising from his own sleep at the East Horizon.
                It was morning now and Vesper was the first to awake as Frith rays if sunlight entered their burrow as he rose steadily to the east. He woke to find himself snuggled by the Hare with a protective arm over him. Vesper briefly recalled the past events and sigh upon remembering their recent courtship. The Hlessi carefully not to awake the buck, slipped out of his hold and stood up over the Hare. Carduus was still in his deep sleep as Vesper decided he would go get their flayrah for them as he Nuzzled his mate and promised to be back as he exited the burrow, humming a tune that he had learned a long time ago.
After a time, Carduus awoke as well from his deep sleep and noticed the Hlessi is away.
'Was this all but only a good realistic dream' thought the buck as he sniffed the sent from his mate and noticed its freshness, meaning he departed recently. He leaves his burrow and it's not long before he sees his mate again. Vesper haves in his mouth some flayrah and the white buck smiled once more."Ohh, that was stupid for me to think that this was all but a dream because you were away," said Carduus with a laugh and slapped his paw on his forehead. "You be golden, that you bring us something to fill our stomach." And with a nuzzle, the Hlessi and the Hare ate there delicious flayrah, as Friends and as mates.

German VersionDer Hlessi und der Hase: ShowHide

Aus einem Rollenspiel (Rollplay) von dplutonium13 und Wertlosehoffnung

Es war ein bewölkter und windiger Abend Tag auf den Hügeln von Südengland, als Frith sich gegen Abend in Richtung Westen bewegte. Auf einer dieses Gebietes, in der Nähe von Kingsclere, war das große, aber versteckte Juwel von Watership Down. An der Spitze stand eine allein stehende Buche, die seit ihrer Gründung Bestand hatte. Auf dem Grasfeld um die Ecke war ein Hlessi, ein Fremder für die Kaninchen hier, aber nach einer Weile war er genug bekannt, um mit denen kleinen Kaninchen vertraut zu werden, wie die selbstbeschriebene "hoffnungslos romantische" Vesper mit den Kleinen spielte , als sie ihn angriffen und sich spielerisch auf ihn stürzten, als sie bei seinen vergeblichen Versuchen kicherten, um ihn zu schlagen.

Als dies passierte, lag ein Hase namens Carduus  im Gras und schlummert mit langsamen und tiefen Atemzügen. Zu hören ist der Wind, der durch das hohe Gras und die Bäume weht. Sogar das Lachen und das Kichern von kleinen Kaninchen und die Stimme seines Freundes Vesper sind zu hören. Carduus steht auf und sitzt auf seinen Hinterläufen. Ein Lächeln fällt dem weißen Bock in sein Gesicht, als er sieht, dass Vesper mit den kleinen Kaninchen spielt.

"Dass dieser Bock noch keine Gefährtin hat...", denkt Carduus, "Er wäre so ein wundervoller Vater."

Als Vesper sah, wie Carduus aufwachte und lächelte, sprach er mit den kleinen Kaninchen und heimlich schlichen sie sich an Carduus, der gerade nicht hinsah, heran und überfielen den weißen Hasen. Nach einer Weile mit Herumtollen und Spielen, kamen die Eltern-Kaninchen, um ihre Kleinen für die Nacht abzuholen und ließen Vesper und Carduus allein.

Vesper beobachtete, als sie die glücklichen Familien in ihren Bau hüpfen sah und ihm ein liebevolles Lächeln ins Gesicht zauberte.

Er wandte sich an den Hasen, der feststellen musste, dass er seufzte und er ihn an lächelte. "Ich weiß, was du denkst. Ja, Carduus. Ich mag ein stiller Romantiker sein, aber ich bin immer noch hoffnungslos." Vesper antwortet auf den Buck.

"Hoffnungslos auf der Suche nach jemandem?", fragt Carduus zurück zum bräunlichen Hasen.

"Ich denke, es ist mehr dass ich es Genieße alleine zu sein, aber nun mag ich es nicht einsam zu sein. Es ist widersprüchlich, aber so fühle ich mich manchmal. Sogar jetzt.

Vielleicht hoffe ich, dass jemand nach diesem traurigen Hlessi, von einem Kaninchen wie mich, sucht."

Die Worte von Vesper bringen Carduus dazu  an seine Vergangenheit und an die Momente zu denken. Viele einsame Tage sind schwer für sich selbst zu sorgen. So viele kalte Abende vor der Schlafenszeit. "Ich denke, in naher Zukunft wird jemand die Richtige für dich sein.", lächelt Carduus seinem Freund zu. "Ich weiß nun nicht, ich habe vor in den Wald zu gehen, um ein paar Beeren oder etwas Schmackhaftes zu finden. Willst du mit mir mitkommen?"

"Danke, Schatz. Das ist beruhigend zu hören.“, Vesper sagte es mit einem Lächeln, als er Carduus liebkoste. "Natürlich werde ich mit dir kommen, Schatz. Jemand muss dich aus der Patsche halten oder es versuchen." Vesper sagte in besserer Stimmung, dass er und der Hase Beeren aus tief im Wald sammeln gehen. Weniger wussten die Beiden, dass donnernde Wolken auf dem Weg zu ihnen waren.

Carduus genießen es süße, manchmal saure, Beeren zu Essen. Es ist nicht selbstverständlich, dass er sich etwas Köstliches gönnt. Es war fast ein Zufall, dass die beiden einen so großen Strauch mit saftigen und süßen Beeren fanden. Auch dass Vesper mit dabei ist, macht ihn am glücklichsten. Weil Zeit mit so einem lieben Freund zu verbringen, macht den Abend am schönsten.

Aber über den dichten Bäumen wird es allmählich düster. Dicke und fast schwarze Wolken ziehen hoch und man hört den Wind, der ein Gewitter über das Land weht. Die Beiden erkennen dieses Donnerwetter nicht. Bis einige Regentropfen auf Carduus treffen. "Ach du meine Güte. Wir sollten am besten ein Bau aufsuchen ... Meiner ist in der Nähe... Beeil dich ..., nimm einen weiteren Zweig und dann lass uns von hier verschwinden ...", sagt Carduus. Beide beißen einen Zweig vom Strauch und Carduus zeigt Vesper den Weg, um den trockenen Bau des Hasens zu finden.

Vesper beißt sich mit Carduus in einen Zweig ab den Strauch und machen sich auf den Weg zum Hasen Bau, als die Winde heftig mit dem nahenden Regen aufziehen. Sie nehmen Zuflucht, während sie Beeren niederlegen und sich in dem Bau ausruhen, während sie auf den Sturm starren, der sich draußen aufbraut. Vesper bemerkte, dass der Hase durch das Sammeln von Beeren ein wenig verdreckt war, fing an, ihn zu putzen und pflückte die Blätter und die kleinen Stöcke und Zweige aus dem Fell des Hasen. Nachdem er fertig war, brachten sie ihre beiden Zweige, die sie gepackt hatten, zu sich und legten diese neben ihnen ab, während er neben den Hasen sich hinlegt und sich nach Wärme drängte. Besonders Vesper hat es genossen und fand es beruhigend, mit seinem besten Freund zusammen zu sein, denn es war besser, als allein in seinem eigenen Bau zu ruhen. Vesper kuschelte sich an den Hasen und errötete, während Vesper den Hasen anlächelte.

Carduus fühlte sich geschmeichelt, als sein Freund ihn zuerst säuberte und jetzt er sich so nah an ihn heran kuschelt. Aus Dankbarkeit steht Carduus auf und leckt die Ohren, den Hinterkopf und den Rücken von Vesper.

Vesper kicherte bei Carduus Säuberungsaktion und leckte sogar das Gesicht des Hasen als Spaß. Sobald der Hase fertig war, dankte er ihm dafür und steckte seine Schnauze und Lippen auf die Stirn des Hasen als Geste der Dankbarkeit und Zuneigung, eine, die er von seinem Menschen gelehrt wurde, der sich um ihn kümmerte, als er ein kleines Kaninchen war. Carduus ist ein guter Freund und Vesper freut sich, für seine Anwesenheit. Während er sich dann zu seiner Größe erhob und ihn anschmiegte und den Hasen auf Trab hielt.         Zu dieser Zeit war der Regen endlich abgeklungen.

Beide hören dass der Regen nachlässt und beide zum Eingang des Hasengebäudes hoppeln. Das Gewitter ist immer noch in der Ferne zu hören. Es dämmert schon und normalerweise ist es für Carduus Zeit zum Schlafen. "Dein Bau ist noch weit weg, nicht wahr?", frage der weiße Bock. "Aber wenn du die Nacht in lieber in deinem Bau verbringen willst, werde ich dich gerne zurück begleiten. Ansonsten darfst du gerne hier bleiben …?", Carduus lächelt.

"Ja, es ist ziemlich weit. Du hast Recht damit.“,  sagte der braune Bock. Als er auf Carduus Angebot hörte und überlegte, wie er auf die fernen Gewitterblitze schaute, meint Vesper, "Es würde mir überhaupt nichts ausmachen, für eine Weile in deinem Bau zu bleiben, Schatz. " Außerdem bin ich neugierig auf den Typ, indem du dich befindest. Hoffentlich liegen nicht zu viele Weinflaschen herum." Sagte Vesper mit einem Augenzwinkern, als er dem Weißen Hasen folgte. "Weinflaschen in einem Bau?", fragte Carduus verwirrt. "Es ist ein Witz, Liebes", sagte Vesper in Carduus verwirrt, bevor sie sich nach dem Hasen schnappte und ihn mit sich zog. Carduus kicherte, als beide zurück in sein Bau hoppeln. Carduus legt sich in die trockenen Blätter, die sein Nest sein sollen.

Vesper sieht Carduus in seinem Bett aus trockenen Blättern liegen und überrascht den Hasen, indem er ihn springt und anpackt, den Hasen festhält und dem Hasen nicht erlaubt zu protestieren, Vesper beißt sich spielerisch in seine Ohren. "Hab dich ;)!"

Carduus macht keine größeren Bewegungen und lässt Vesper an seinen Ohren kauen. Aber bis er ein bisschen zu fest beißt, rollt Carduus auf die Seite, sodass sein Freund nun auf dem Boden der Blätter rutscht. Carduus springt auf und sitzt plötzlich auf dem Bauch von Vesper und hält seine Vorderpfoten auf dem Boden. Carduus lächelt und nähert sich näher an Vespers Gesicht und fängt an, seine Nasen an die von Vesper zu reiben.

Vesper errötete schwer und wurde jetzt vom Hasen mit blauen Augen am Boden festgenagelt. Es war vielleicht so hypnotisierend, dass er nicht bemerkte, dass der lächelnde Bock an seine Nase rieb und als er wieder zu sich kam, war er überrascht obwohl es ein anderes Gefühl gab, das ihm vielleicht ungewohnt war, aber es fühlte sich warm an. Als ob sein Herz schneller schlagen würde, war dies mehr ein Indiz dafür, ein Lächeln begann auf seinem eigenen Gesicht wiederzukehren und Vesper erwiderte seine Nase mit seinen eigenen Reiben und liebkoste ihn liebevoll und doch tief. Währenddessen lockerte Carduus seine Griffe an den Vorderpfoten von Vesper und er konnte sich befreien, aber statt sich zu rächen, wenn er die Chance hatte, schlang er seine Arme um ihn und Carduus stand langsam auf und lockerte ihn von seinem Bauch (was für Vesper das Atmen schwer gemacht hat), und die beiden saßen nun voreinander, und Vesper hielt jetzt Carduus Pfoten und streichelte sie gelegentlich mit seinen eigenen, während die beiden dann kurz ihre Nasenhübe beendeten und sich gegenseitig den Kopf stoßen, mit einem Lächeln. Vesper errötete, als er sich näherte und sich noch einmal näher zu ihm beugte, zögerte aber wegen seiner Schüchternheit.

"Bist du so rot, dass ich dir so das Atmen erschwert habe, weil ich auf dir saß?" Carduus lächelt mit einem kleinen Kichern. Der Hase legt seine Arme um ihn und flüstert ihm ihn die Ohren. "Du bist wunderschön. Schön von deinem Herzen und deiner Seele. Schön von draußen, von deinen blauen Augen, deinem Lächeln bis zu deiner Blume! Vesper ich liebe dich!!" Carduus küsst die Stirn seines Freundes. Er schließt seine Augen und denkt an die Vergangenheit ... So viele schöne Erinnerungen und Momente sind vergangen und so viele schlechte Tage waren ohne ihn. Kann das möglich sein, dass die schönen Erinnerungen und Momente die besseren Tage in der Zukunft mit ihm sein können? Die Gefühle sind genau die gleichen, wie wenn ein hübsches weibliches Häschen vor der Nase von Carduus hüpft, ohne die Erinnerungen in seinem Kopf zu haben.

Vesper schloss seine eigenen Augen, als sein Herz hüpfte und vielleicht einen Schlag aussetzte, als er Carduus Worte hörte und er fühlte eine Welle der Glückseligkeit, als er diese Worte "Ich liebe dich" hörte. Es fühlte sich surreal an, doch hier war er, in den Armen des Hasen, der sein Leben außergewöhnlich einzigartig gemacht hatte, als er einmal im Warren angekommen war. Es gab in der Tat Härten und Kämpfe, die er durchmachte, aber er zog durch und mit der Hilfe des Hasen ging er weiter und er ist ewig dankbar dafür. Manchmal fühlte er sich manchmal ein wenig einsam, sogar mit seinen anderen Freunde, die er kannte und denen er vertraute. Doch als Carduus erschien, fühlte er, dass es besser wäre, der Hase ist hier. Dieser Gedanke machte ihn immer glücklich, wenn er in der Nähe des Hasen war und sich dem Bock für eine ganze Weile näherte, obwohl Vesper oft für sich selbst blieb. Er spielte und kümmerte sich oft um die kleinen Kaninchen und das war an sich schon erstaunlich und wunderbar für ihn, aber der Hase war außergewöhnlich, weil er es wert war. Als er hörte, wie der Hase diese Worte sagte und ihn auf die Stirn küsste, fühlte er sich unbeschreiblich, doch der Kuss verwandelte das Surreale in ihre Realität.

Vesper öffnete die Augen, um den Hasen zu sehen. Augen geschlossen und in Gedanken versunken und mit seinen Pfoten stützte er sich auf die Schultern des Bockes und küsste die Stirn des Hasen, was den Bock noch einmal überraschte, doch Vesper lächelte ihn liebevoll an antwortete er mit einem seltenen, lächelnden Blick, den er oft machte, wenn er glücklicher war als sonst. "Du hast keine Ahnung, wie es sich anhört, wenn du das sagst, Liebling. Ich werde es versuchen. Es fühlt sich großartig an. Du bist bemerkenswert, sehr kreativ und freundlich zu mir. Du hast Fehler in der Vergangenheit gemacht, aber du hast gesehen und versucht, diese Fehler zu korrigieren. Das braucht viel Mut und guten Willen, Carduus, du hast es! " Vesper sagte stolz, als er eine seiner Pfoten auf die Brust des Hasen legte, wo sein Herz sein würde.

"Ich fühle mich ehrlich, aber unglaublich dankbar. Ich sehe mich nicht so, wie du es beschrieben hast. Ich mache mir dafür Vorwürfe, weil ich glaube, dass ich zu fehlerhaft bin, um das zu sein, was du mir beschrieben hast, aber ich kann sehen, was dieses Wort für dich bedeutet über mich. Aber ich bin ehrlich, ich kann diese Worte mehr für dich sehen, mein Lieber. Du magst unvollkommen sein, aber ich sehe, dass du ein gutes Herz hast ... eines, das ich wirklich liebe ... " Vesper hielt inne, als er stärker errötete "Carduus, ich liebe dich auch! Mehr als ich ausdrücken kann, obwohl ich es versuchen werde!" und damit nahm Vesper den Sprung (buchstäblicher Sprung) und küsste ihn.

Der plötzliche Kuss von Vesper erstaunte Carduus. Beinahe hätte er das nicht von ihm erwartet (nur fast). Carduus dachte, er wäre nie der beste Freund für Vesper und würde ihn deshalb anweisen. Natürlich erwidert Carduus und streichelt seine Pfoten über Vesper's Wangen.

Der Kuss ist noch lang ... Allmählich begannen Carduus Augen zu Tränen. Nicht, dass er weint, es sind Freudentränen. In seinem Kopf spielten sich immer noch die schönen Erinnerungen mit Vesper ab. Langsam endet der Kuss und beide waren noch in den Armen. Carduus wischte sich die Tränen aus den Augen und legte seine Pfote wieder um Vesper. Beide fanden sich tief in ihren blauen Augen wieder und lächelten.

Vesper und Carduus standen sich nun in den Armen und lächelten, als sie sich liebevoll anstarrten. Vesper war unglaublich glücklich, er dachte nicht einmal daran, es wirklich zu trauen, um den Hasen wirklich zu küssen, aber er tat es und was ihn am meisten überraschte war, dass er den Kuss erwidert hatte. Es ließ ihn fühlen, als würde ein Schmetterling in seinem Bauch herumfliegen, doch es war glückselig. Als die beiden ihren Kuss beendet hatten, errötete Vesper, lächelte süß und bemerkte, dass Carduus seine Tränen wegwischte, bevor er seine Arme wieder um den Hlessi legte. Vesper bemerkte, dass der lächelnde Hase sich wieder aufrappelte und sich anlehnte, um seine Tränen wegzulecken und den Hasen zu nassen, um mit seinen Tränen zu helfen. "Ich liebe dich", sagte der Hessi, als er seine Nase küsste. Vesper griff dann nach Carduus Pfoten und führte ihn langsam zum Eingang des Baues, damit sie sehen konnten, wie der Regen verschwand, als Friths Licht aus den regengefüllten Wolken schien. Er lächelte dann, als Frith den Regen in einen Regenbogen verwandelte und Frühlingskälte sie einhüllte. Vesper hielt die Hasenpfote fest und legte seinen Kopf mit einer liebevollen Nüstern auf Carduus Brust. Dann sah er ernst und doch etwas schüchtern zu ihm auf, als er errötete und anfing zu sprechen. "Carduus, wenn du mich hören würdest, es gibt etwas, was ich dich gerne fragen würde und ich hoffe, du würdest mich hören, und ich verstehe, wenn du anders denkst, Schatz." Vesper sagte, als er ihm Platz gab. "Carduus, Frith ist mein Zeuge, ich möchte dein bester Freund sein, aber nicht nur dein bester Freund hier in unserer Welt. Ich möchte dein treuer Partner sein, das mag lächerlich klingen, aber vielleicht deine wahre Liebe. Ich verspreche es zu versuchen um dich zu ermutigen, dich zu inspirieren und dich wahrlich zu lieben, durch das Gute, das Schlechte, was auch immer der Fall ist. Ich hoffe, dort zu sein, um mit dir zu lachen und zu versuchen, dich hochzuheben, wenn du unten bist und all die Abenteuer unseres Lebens, Ich werde mein Bestes geben, dich bedingungslos zu lieben, zusammen ... fühlst du das gleiche?"... Vesper wurde dann still, als er jeweils auf eine Antwort wartete.

Carduus Herzschlag geht schneller, dann hörte er die Worte und die Frage von seinem Freund. Er lächelte und sah in seinen wunderschönen blauen Augen. Die Gefühle für Vesper sind neu für den Hasen, aber diese sind wunderbar. Carduus weiß, dass Vesper auch ein Bock ist, aber das ist ihm egal. Der Hase hat immer ein Motto in seinem Hinterkopf gedacht, wenn es um die Partnersuche geht: "Wenn mich jemand trotz meinen Fehlern und Probleme liebt, so liebe ich auch diesen." Vesper ist ein großartiger Freund... Und jetzt sollte er ein wunderbarer Lebensgefährte und Partner für mich sein... "Ja !! Ja, ich hoffe, das werde ich auch tun." Carduus küsst den Hlessi wieder auf seinen Mund und streichelt mit seinen Pfoten über Vesper's Wangen.

Vesper wurde vom Hasen geküsst, als er Ja sagte. In Vesper war es das Erstaunen, er sagte tatsächlich Ja und für ihn war es erstaunlich. Er ist eine Mischung aus Glück, Liebe, Gelassenheit, Frieden, Inhalt, Erregung, vielleicht der Nervenkitzel der Liebe, den er es nennen kann. Als er wieder zu sich kam, erwiderte Vesper den Kuss wieder und legte seine Pfoten um seinen Hals, als der Kuss tiefer wurde. Sobald sie angehalten hatten, um wieder zu Atem zu kommen, legte Vesper seinen Kopf auf Carduus Brust und gluckste, als wolle er sagte: "Wow. Das ist wunderbar." In der Tat war Vesper immer einer, der hoffnungslos romantisch war und sich oft danach sehnte, was die Freunde im Warren hatten und im Moment, als er merkte, dass er den Bock liebte, wunderte er sich über die seltenen Möglichkeiten, die sie haben könnten. Es ist wahr, es ist selten, dass zwei Böcke einander lieben wie Gefährten, aber er hofft, dass sie vielleicht eine Ausnahme bilden und vielleicht das Unmögliche vielleicht möglich machen könnten, wie Vesper dachte. Als Vesper tief in Carduus blauen Augen blickte und der Hase weiter seine Pfoten über ihn streichelte, rief er: "Für ein Hase, mein Lieber, kannst Du wirklich romantisch sein, froh bin ich, dass ich nicht der Einzige bin.;)", Sagte Vesper mit schlauer Stimme zwinkern. "Aber hey, in allem Ernst, Schatz. Danke. Wie wäre es, wenn wir wieder in deinen Bau gehen und uns ein wenig ausruhen? Ich kann sehen, dass du müde bist, vielleicht hilft ein schöner Schlaf.") Eine Menge ist heute passiert und vielleicht können wir morgen über uns reden, Schatz? Was sagst du? " Vesper fragte den weißen Bock.

"Ja, ich bin ein bisschen müde. Normalerweise würde ich schlafen gehen ...", sagte Carduus mit einem Lachen. "Ich habe im Kopf, dass nach dem Regen die Nacht kalt sein wird. Jetzt bin ich froh, dass ich nicht alleine in meinem Nest bin und jemanden habe, der mir ein bisschen wärme teilt." Carduus hat ein permanentes Lächeln in seinem Gesicht. Vesper geht zuerst in den Bau und der weiße Bock nimmt sein ein Ohr und beißt hinein. Nein, es ist kein Traum. Es ist die wundervolle Realität, die wirklich passiert. Er schaut zurück zum Horizont und sieht, dass Frith langsam, mit dem letzten Glanz, untergeht. Er ging auf alle vier los und hüpfte in seinen Bau, in der er jetzt seinen Lebenspartner auf ihn wartete.

Carduus gesellt sich zu Vesper, der sich immer noch in seinem grünen Nest zurechtmacht, obwohl es vielleicht auch ihm gehört. Die beiden kuscheln sich aneinander, um sich zu wärmen und zu beschnuppern, als Vesper sich auf die Seite legt und seinen Kopf dicht an Carduus legt. "Ruh dich aus, meine Liebe." Sagte Vesper, als er ihm einen schnellen Kuss gab, dann senkte er den Kopf und schloss seine Augen, um zu schlafen, während Carduus sich immer noch auf den Schlaf einstellte. An diesem Tag wollte Vesper nicht vergessen oder vergebens sein, denn Vesper hat nun einen Freund und war auch der Lebensgefährte von ihm. Das war großartig für ihn und es ließ ihn innerlich ganz warm werden, obwohl er von der kalten Luft zitterte, die in den Bau eindrang, als er versuchte, Wärme vom Hasen zu bekommen.

Carduus sah, dass Vesper kalt hat. Er zitterte leicht. Carduus steht wieder auf und springt über seinen Gefährten. Er legte sich wieder neben ihn, und er stupste Vesper, sodass er sich auf die Seite drehte und Carduus kuschelte sich an seinen Rücken. Und legt sein Arm über ihm. "Ich wünsche dir auch eine wundervolle Nacht, mein Schatz. Ich hoffe du hast jetzt nicht mehr kalt." Carduus leckt Vesper Wange und gibt einen Kuss. Er legt seinen Kopf in das Nest und schließt seine Augen zu.

Und die beiden hatten liebevoll miteinander die Nacht verbracht. Vesper war in den liebevollen Armen seines Hasen und Carduus kuschelte sich eng an Vesper, während die beiden zusammen warm waren. Sie hofften, dass es die erste von vielen Nächten sein würde, da dies auch die erste Nacht war, als Mates im Nest des Hasen und für sie, das war jenseits ihrer kühnsten Hoffnungen. Als die Nacht weiterging, leuchtete Vespers blauer Zauber leuchtend blau auf, als ein bestimmter Goldener Prinz über das Nest kam, um nach Vesper zu sehen, und lächelte, um zu sehen, dass er nicht nur gesund war, sondern auch verliebt und mit einem Gefährten, der freundlich zu ihm gewesen war. Er sagte seinen Segen auf sie beide, bevor er sie dort im Schlaf ließ, als sich Frith langsam aus seinem eigenen Schlaf am East Horizon erhob.

Es war jetzt Morgen, und Vesper war die erste, die als Frith-Strahlen erwachte, wenn Sonnenlicht in ihren Schrecken eindrang, als er sich stetig nach Osten erhob. Er wachte auf, als er sich mit einem schützenden Arm über den Hasen kuschelte. Vesper erinnerte sich kurz an die vergangenen Ereignisse und seufzte, als sie sich an ihre jüngste Werbung erinnerte. Die Hlessi wachten vorsichtig nicht, um den Bock aufzuwecken, schlüpften aus seinem Laderaum und standen über dem Hasen auf. Carduus war immer noch in seinem tiefen Schlaf, als Vesper entschied, dass er ihre Flayrah für sie holen würde, während er seinen Gefährte schmuste und versprach, zurück zu sein, als er den Bau verließ und eine Melodie summte, die er vor langer Zeit gelernt hatte.

Nach einiger Zeit erwache auch Carduus aus seinem tiefen Schlaf und sehe, dass Vesper weg ist. "War das alles nur ein guter realistischer Traum", denkt der Bock. Er schnüffelt den von seinem Kumpel geschickt und es ist frisch, das bedeutet, dass er vor ein paar Momenten geht. Er geht den Kredit aus. Es dauert nicht lange und er sieht seinen Gefährten wieder. Vesper hat etwas Flayrah in seinem Mund und der weiße Bock lächelte wieder. "Ohh, das war dumm für mich zu denken, das war doch alles ein Traum. Weil du weg bist.", Sagte Carduus lachend und schlang sich die Pfote auf die Stirn. "Du bist golden, dass du uns etwas bringst, um unseren Magen zu füllen." Mit einem Schmusen aßen der Hlessi und der Hase gemeinsam ihr Flayrah, als Freunde sowie auch als Gefährten…

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The Hlessi and The Hare Rp Stories
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:dandelion Hallo, my dear friends, and fellow rabbits, etc. :D
*Spin-hugs with Nuzzles*
I'm here with Part II of our Roleplay writing that turned into a story Me and Wertlosehoffnung made with our Oc's characters, Vesper and Carduus. We have here once more our English and German Translation of the story and an inspired drawing he created involving the story.

 :bigwig3 Honest and Constructive reviews and criticism are encouraged as always, my dear friends. We hope you enjoy. ^^

<big>The Hlessi and The Hare Part II</big>

English Version The Hlessi and the Hare Part II: ShowHide

By Wertlosehoffnung and dplutonium13

After the two finished eating there berries, the two to head back to usual routine for a bit as Vesper had to return to confer with Owsla of Flayrah for the kittens and Carduus deciding to search for any elil in the area and though he did pick up a scent of a weasel present in the area a while ago, he did not find any. In the evening, Vesper returned to the Hare’s burrow after a successful conversation with Owsla of a possible farm raid that may take place in a few days. Upon returning, he found the Hare waiting outside his burrow and once he noticed Vesper , he went to Vesper and gave him an unexpected kiss on his cheeks and hugs him. The Hlessi giggled upon being kissed by his mate and hugs back graciously. Vesper and Carduus, in each others embrace, looked at one another with a smile. "What is with the look, dear? In love with someone?" Vesper said amusingly with a wink. "Yeah I be in love with someone. He haves the beautifully sky blue eyes I ever watched and a cute smile... oh wait, that's you my sweetheart." Replied Carduus and kissed the rabbit once more in front of him.
Vesper kissed back sweetly upon hearing the lovely comment. "I love you", he said after ending the kiss as they decided to rest a bit earlier in the day and upon entering the burrow and into the nest, the two snuggle together with Vesper then resting his head on Carduus chest and cuddle him a bit as the two, snuggled lovers fell asleep after there long day. A while later, Vesper awoke in his burrow to find Carduus had shifted away from, perhaps from it being to warm but nonetheless still  was sleep with him close by. Vesper smiled and hop towards him as he then kissed his forehead
Carduus noticed the kiss from Vesper on his forehead and focuses on his hind legs. He rubs his nose on Vesper nose as he was close by. "Did you sleep well, my dear?", He asked as the two got up and hopped outside, to see how the weather is. There has been some clouds in the sky, but in most places the Sun pushed through. "Do you think that the children of the Rabbit couples or their mothers need two babysitter , to look after the children again?"
Carduus asks with a smile and his head based on Vesper's head, while they enjoy the beautiful weather.
"Oh, definitely, dear. The more the Merrier for these kittens are quite the handful. Plus, they do like you already, so hopefully it won’t be too much of a game changer." Vesper said as he held the Hare's paw tightly. "Though I hope they don't have an issue with us being mates around their kittens." Vesper said in concern. “When we do tell them but we can wait for the right time, now come on, dear. I’m sure we’ll have we’ll have a good day at the Warren.” Vesper said as the two made there way to Watership down and after watching the kittens the two decided to take care of their own particular businesses in the Warren for a bit, so they would have to separate. The two went to a secluded burrow as they briefly said goodbye and before departing, Vesper said "Love you" and gave him a loving embrace.
"Love you too", saying Carduus and cuddle his little angel in which Vesper kissed Carduus sweetly and nuzzled his handsome lover before departing.
After a long while, Vesper returns to the warren and hops into the Honeycomb to find Carduus with the Owsla, talking with the other bucks and does', and not wanting to intrude, he left them where they were, undetected, yet with a smile on his face as he went to rest in his burrow in Watership Down. After talking with some other rabbits for a while, Carduus searched for Vesper and found his mate in his own nest. He looks a bit sick, sees Carduus, because of his loping ears. He then laid down next to him and licked his head. Vesper was currently in a deep Sleep and Carduus laid his arm on the back of his mate and caresses him.
After a few moments, Carduus feel asleep too.
Vesper woke a little weakened but seeming to be fine as he moved his paws to stretch. He noticed Carduus, resting next to him and smiled warmly as he felt and looked to see his arm around him. Vesper started to nuzzle the Hare's head in gratitude, yet when he leaned to his ear to tell Carduus he loved him, he found a problem. He tried to say it, multiple time yet could not, his voice was to raspy and rough and he couldn't speak properly. 'Oh Frith!' Vesper thought, as he held his through, 'I've lost my Voice!' Vesper started to calmly worry more now as he even tried to sigh sadly, yet even that sounded rough. He coughed a bit before putting his head down in defeat.
Carduus woke up, noticing that Vesper is moving and heard that his voice is raspy and rough and that he is coughing. "Oh no, my buddy. Are you alright?", asking the white buck in worries. Carduus remembered he had something similar like that in his past.
"Are you have a ..Sore throat?"Carduus thinking about of some flayrah that would be healing.
Vesper nodded yes and coughed as he pointed to his throat. He then got up to eat flayrah but struggled a bit as he tried to make his way outside though he did try and succeeding in communicating "I love you" Vesper motioned with his paws pointing at himself, his heart, then to Carduus. After a while and with the help of his new mate, Vesper was able to receive Flayrah from Carduus that are known to help sick rabbits and in a while later and after another good rest, he's almost better but still recovering from his sickness. He was finally able to tell Carduus he loved him once more and kissed his forehead and licked it as he held the Hare in his arms as they rested next on the Beech tree on top of Watership Down. the  sunshineBoth lay in front of the Beech tree and enjoy the sunny eventhe sunshine to warm up themselves. The voice of Vesper is going better and better than in the morning of the day.
"I think tomorrow you sound better and be in new energy when I hold you warm tonight.." said Carduus amusing with a smile."Would you like that we entertain ourselves, by playing? Or would you like to rest here and go to sleep soon, my sweetie..?” Carduus inquired.

Upon looking up at Carduus, seeing him with his amusing smile, he blushed a bit and amusingly said back, "When you hold me warm tonight? Dear, I thought I was the one who did that since you often love being cuddled." Vesper said as he nuzzled him. He thought of Carduus of offer to play or rest and then brought up something he was asked by the Chiefs earlier. "Well actually, Hazel-Rah and Primrose asked if I could go get Apples down by the orchard for their kittens and I said I would do it. Would you like to come along? I'm sure you would like the adventure and it be nice if I did not go alone..."Vesper said with a smile once more as he stood up in front of Carduus
"Apples? Ohh dear.. It was a long time ago, since I bite in a such delicious Apple...", Carduus licks his mouth of the thoughts of this fruit, "And for sure, they are my second love, after you my sweetheart!!" He laughed with a smile as then stood up too. "Sure I come with you." responded the Hare. "Second love! Looks like I have competition then." Vesper said with a sly wink. "Glad you can come though, I'm sure we will enjoy ourselves." He declared as he smiled warmly upon Carduus confirming that he was coming with him as they then started hopping away from the warren and talk with another as they grew closer and closer to the orchard. Once nearby, they stop to look around for elil before Vesper briefly pronounce a challenge for his mate, "Race you there dear. I must warn you though, I'm a runner." Vesper said in an competitive yet enthusiastic tone as he prepared himself. "That's good that you're fast. I'm also fast too", says Carduus proudly, "But I'm more of a defender and a fighter. A weasel has little chance against me." Carduus makes himself big and puts his chest out.
Upon Carduus prideful remarks of himself, Vesper chuckled and lightly punches his shoulder. "Well it's good thing I'm here then, to make sure you're not getting into fights you shouldn't get into, especially with a Weasel. We gotta share this world with all, dear. Even Elil." Vesper said firmly. Vesper then looked at him once more and winked, "You look handsome by the way...Ready?!" "Ready for what?", asked Carduus confused..
But before he knew it, Vesper had kissed his cheek and ran all the way to the orchard in front of him in big leaps in the air that made it seem like he had flown in the air. Once there, Vesper had found a perfectly stack pyramid of apples and out of excitement, he jumped right into the apples, though he forgot they were not soft apples and he injured himself as he poked out of being semi-buried in apples and felt his head bleeding between the ears. Carduus had arrived to see if his mate was okay. When the Rabbit saw the concerned hare approaching, he said "Oh hey, looks like I won the race.. oh sorry I jumped right into these apples." Vesper put a paw on the stinging pain in his head and pulled his paw down to see blood on it. "Don't worry dear, tis but a scratch. It does not hurt that badly. On the bright side, I found apples." Vesper said with both assurance yet in pain
Carduus shows himself a painful face as he sees the wound on the head of his mate.
"You're so overconfident, my sweetie! And you know that apples are not hay.."
Say Carduus with a laugh.Vesper smiled in response as he got out of the apples and hugged the Hare as he then started to clean the rabbits wound, making him wince at its stinging feeling upon his head, "You're right. I'm sorry about that." Vesper said as he took an apple in his mouth and ate it. Vesper than grabbed another for Carduus. "Here you go, this is to make up for it, love." Vesper said as he extended an apple to him."Oh, no problem, sweetie."
Carduus gleefully bites at the Apple which is rolled to him.
"So yummy and so sweet, like you my dear!!" Smiles and Raves the White buck and continues to eat calmly. , hoppsVesper looks at the apple and takes two for the kittens. Yet, Carduus ears are suddenly steeply upwards, as something in the bushes rustling. With a subtle hit, he gets Vesper attention and says that he should be hiding. Both jumps into a bush and Carduus observed it to be a weasel on the lookout. Earlier, Vesper blushed heavily upon hearing the Hare's remarks as he gave him a gleeful smile back and looked upon the apples around and picked two for the kittens of the chiefs and was about to grab more when Carduus caught his attention with a hit and jumps to hide with the Hare.  A weasel appeared, seeming to be looking for something or someone as he strolled through the trees.
As the Weasel approached closer to their bush and the apples around them, Vesper looked to see the Hare about to pounce the Weasel. Upon seeing this, Vesper put his paw in front of the Hare, causing Carduus to look at him in confusion as the Hlessi nodded his head ‘no’, not wanting him to attack. Perhaps there is the possibility that the Weasel will go away from them, he hoped as he looked intently through the bush and used his paw to reach down and grab his sweetie's paw.
Both are very in afraid that the weasel is lurking around only lihops in front of them. Carduus wanted to make a offensive decision, to fight. But Vesper is holding him back. Confused look the hare to his mate yet a look in Vespers face show Carduus, that a fight against the weasel, would be the wrong way, for himself and especially for his mate. A weasel does have the capability to end both of their lives when given the chance. Carduus make the decision not to fight, but he whisper in Vesper’s ear."We sneak back quietly and cautiously and when I say RUN then don't look back and run home. I promise to be right behind you!" Say Carduus and take a paw of Vesper and continued on as they sneak out quietly. "We survive this!!" he assured as Carduus watched out for what the weasel might do.
He sees that the weasel is sniffed the sent from the two and coming near to the bush they hopping in. The weasel head turned in the direction of Carduus to the sound of a twig that snaps due to one of them accidentally stepping on it. "RUN!!" the Hare shouted. Both are running in the direction of the Warren. In front Vesper, directly behind Carduus. And of the bad luck of the two, the Weasel is running behind them.
With the Weasel going up to the hill of the Warren wit Vesper running faster and faster and Carduus is slower and slower, the weasel is now directly behind the hare. Carduus watched behind him  to see how near is this weasel on the ass of the hare. He makes a split-second the decision to stop running, pulls out his claws and beats his powerful hind legs directly into the muzzle of the weasel. The elil hits on the ground and Carduus turns around and starts attacking the weasel. The enemy gets up again and attacks the hare too. The elil hits the back of the tall hare but today, Carduus is be still stronger and smarter and hits the weasel with his front paw again in the face."PISS OFF YOU UGLY PIECE OF ***",
scream the big hare in another voice and shoo’s the enemy away from him.
Vesper was indeed a bit horrified to witness the Hare fight with the Weasel, but he had faith in him and was silently cheering him though he was still tired. Once his mate had yelled at the Weasel to go away, the Weasel who was wounded limped a bit and looked around the area and seemed to have focused on something else as he went away from the hare and then started to run. Vesper noticed to his left in the distances, the Junior Owsla with Kehaar close by there, and alarmingly noticed the Owsla of Watership down already jumping after the Weasel were still too far and too slow to get to the Weasel in time. Vesper ran towards the Weasel and cut him off a bit before coming around and Charging him from the side as he jumped towards him, pouncing and hit him violently to the point where both himself and the Weasel rolled off the hill to the bottom.
Vesper got up to see that his head was bleeding again noticed the Weasel there, struggling a bit to get up. Vesper approached cautiously, "Please go away from here Weasel, look!" Vesper pointed to show him the rabbits coming in there direction. "I'm certain they will kill you. I'm warning you they will. Please don't come back to harm or look for a meal here, look for it elsewhere, yet if you do come back, you better hope  it is not me you'll see first because I'll be the last you'll see before I kill or hurt you myself, I honestly hope you don't put me in a situation where I have to though." Vesper warned as his Charmed glowed a bit more along with his eyes. He then motioned for him to go and leave. "Go... GO!" And with that the Weasel went away from the warren as Vesper stood up and observed his departure.
Carduus is out of energy and was injured by the weasel. He can only watch, that his mate ran to the enemy and attack them again. He hopping slowly down the hill to see that Vesper is alright. His wound on his head have bleeding again."Please go away and never come back again!?" say Carduus a bit sarcastic and with a little laugh, behind his mate, who is observing the weasel is disappear behind the woods. The hare sat down next to his bit angry looking, but courageous mate. "For this Bastard you don't just say, Please go.. This *** can likely come again. Then I can revenge myself, first for the apples they I not eaten and for the scratches!" say Carduus a bit  grumpy and look at his Back and arms,who bleeding a bit out of his white fur. "It’s very likely, dear. But I'm hoping for the best he does not. If so however, he's been warned and knows what to expect if he does." Vesper said a bit sternly yet calming himself down a bit and looked to see Carduus was bleeding a bit out of white fur and he was bleeding as well.
By that time, the Owsla had arrived along with Bigwig and once the two told what had happened, he ordered Dandelion and Hawkbit to get the Apples and for the rest of Owsla on extra guard duty throughout the hill of Watership Down. "Great work, by the way, dear. You were exceptional." Vesper said assuringly as he got up and leaned into his ear so that the others would not hear, "I love you" before quickly kissing his forehead and smiled.
On the top of the Watership downhill, waiting for.. the chief rabbit Hazel with his doe Primrose, Carduus and Vesper are telling and showing what happened. And saying that Hawkbit and Dandelion are on the way to take some apples. It was not a problem for the chief coup. And telling out there respect to the two injured rabbit and hare. woundaCarduus licks first the little wound of Vespers head and then himself. Vesper licking the would too.
At the same moment, the two apple bringers come back.
Upon Hawkbit and Dandelion arriving, Vesper and Carduus had just finished cleaning most of his wounds, through the fur around them were still light red from the blood. The two owsla gave some apples for the Chiefs to take back to their kittens and a few to Vesper and Carduus as well as they said their goodbyes and went to rest when Bigwig was not looking. Vesper still tried to clean Carduus wounds as he was eating an apple.
After the two cleaned there wounds, Vesper and Carduus decided to rest outside for a bit as they found a nice patch of leaves on the hill and Vesper rested with Carduus in his arms as the two cuddled and snuggled for a bit and Vesper gave multiple kisses on the Hare's face as the two looked at one another with a smile and were about to kiss once more until a friend of there's startled them. "Dang it, Acacia. Can't you see I'm with my Mate, OH!" Vesper covered his mouth but it was too late. "Mates, you two?! That's new." Acacia said triumphantly upon his discovery as the two untangled from there snuggle and got up to see there friend. Carduus saw the confused face into Acacia. But the desert-rabbit smiled at the two males. The Hare gave a soft smile back to Acacia and gestured with his paw for him to come closer and says.., "Okay, you caught us.. We are in love, like a buck in love with a doe...But can you hold, our love, secret for a moment?" Carduus hold next to him Vesper in his arm.
Vesper blushed a bit as Carduus held him close, a gesture he often adored from his mate. Upon hearing Carduus asking his friend to keep it a secret, Vesper joined in, "Until the time is right dear, then we'll tell the warren." Vesper said optimistically. Acacia smile and nodded his head, confirming he would keep a secret as he congratulated the two and both Vesper and Acacia talked for a while, enjoying each others presence, as frith slowly sank to the West horizon, turning there day into night.
The night had arrived and all going into the honeycomb. Dandelion, the storyteller, entertaining the whole Warren. Acacia, Vesper and Carduus are sitting next to each other and listening to the teller. Carduus yawning a little bit and lay on the ground, but is still awake to continue to hear the story. As Dandelion was telling a particularly exciting tale of El-Ahrairah, carduus laid on the ground next to him and he looked down and smiled warmly to see him still listening though he could tell his mate was tired. He leaned down and nuzzled him fondly and asked if he would like to go outside with him for a bit, to look at the night sky and it's stars.

The question of Vesper to going outside, is for the hare a wonderful idea. "Yeah, I think the fresh air makes me a bit awake.. And I haven't seen the stars yet since some night's"
Vesper get up first and hopping outside. Carduus say to Acacia that he and Vesper going outside to enjoy the night sky.. Alone..Carduus then hopping behind too.Keeping his head up to the sky and Carduus move himself next to his mate.He sits down and lean his back to the Beech tree. Vesper sits down in front of the hare and lean his body into Carduus and he lay his arms around Vesper and caresses the chest of the Brown buck.
Vesper leaned his back onto the Hare's chest and was wrapped by the Hare's loving arms. He smiled very warmly at being caresed as he hummed happily with a nice little melody. He and Carduus look up at the night sky to see so many stars and Vesper started pointing out constellations his Human had shown him. "There's orion over there and above him is a taurus, a bull he was fighting and that bright star, is not actually a star, I think it's another planet called Venus also known as the Morning and Evening Star, that's where my name comes from dear." Vesper said intringuiling as he giggled a bit from being tickled by the Hare.
Just then, a meteor shower started and they witness an astronomical number of shooting stars and awed at this celestial rarity. "Wanna make a wish?" Vesper inquired.
Carduus listening to the pointing of the constellation, that Vesper called. He never knew that names and is interested how Vesper name is coming from."A wish?.. Hmm mine is coming true already.. To be here with you!.. And your wish?"Carduus declared as he then kissed the shoulder and the neck of Vesper. The rabbit then turned around facing Carduus and stood a bit in front of him as he put his paws around his mates neck. "I have many wishes dear, though none can compare than the one that is coming true already, being with you! Dear, we're Mates! I honestly can't believe such a miracle could happen but here we are, what more could I ask for, I thank Frith for you and El-ahrairah for his blessings. I feel safe and at home with you. This to me is my wish, that I'm living it with you by my side." And with that, Vesper kissed the Hare lovingly and deeply as he stroked his cheeked and snuggled his rabbit body closer to the Hare.
Carduus returns the kiss from Vesper and gently presses his paws on Vespers back of the head so that the kiss is a bit more intense. Carduus gets aroused so he releases the kiss. "Maybe we should pick up the moment for later, when we are really alone .” Carduus said with a bit of red in his cheeks."Ah, I see. Alone, you say..hmmm, you make a good point dear. Sounds like a date!"Vesper said sweetly though in flirting tone and gave the hare a quick peck on the nose with a warm smile. "Also, do you mind if we stay here for a bit and then we can go to your burrow to rest?" Vesper said as he laid back into Carduus and looked at the night sky a bit more. "Oh, Carduus, I haven't asked this of you yet but might as well do it now, where do you come from? Like where's your family, etc? I'm sorry, you don't have to answer.."Vesper said cautiously.
"Hmm, that you don’t think it is to dangerous to wandering in the dark night with all elil’s. The weasel was enough for today.." He smiled with a laugh. "I think we stay here for the night. Don't you think, my sweetie? Tell you what,  I think tomorrow we can go swim.. I know a lovely place with a very little river near my borrow.. If I can presenting this for a date for you?” "You make a good point about Elil tonight. We'll stay here then, you can rest with me in my burrow if you want. I know you'll like it because I'll snuggle you to sleep." Vesper said cheerfully and upon hearing about the river, he gleefully said, "It is a date in which I accept, dear. I would not mind swimming tomorrow. I'm a swamp rabbit, love, I'm built for it. And close to your burrow, that'll be perfect for we can rest there afterwards. Oh this is thrilling. Thank you my Snow Hare!" Vesper said as he kissed his forehead and nuzzled him.
Upon asking Carduus then of where he was from and his family, the Hare told his story, "I come from the north and be this kind of  snow hare. And of my family, I don't know much about them. Only what I know is my mother. When I was younger, little like the kittens we playing days before, I was wandering with my mother. We found a place to survive the night. But she was awake to look for elil’s. In the morning I awoke and search for her, but only what I found was her Scent which led me to find her... ", Carduus stop speaking and sniffs.."she's gone..", Carduus was quiet and seeming to be stricken by painful memories.   Vesper immediately took Carduus in his arms and held him tight as he wrapped his paws around his back and caressed his fur. The Hlessi then started to sing a sweet lullaby that his mother sang to him when he was sad and used it for his Mate and sang it completely to calm him down. "I'm here, dear. I'm here." He said before kissing his cheek with a paw on his face as he looked at him with a supportive smile.
"Thanks for sharing this with me, love." Vesper as he then looked at the night sky before telling him his own story of where he came. "I came by from a distant land, by a river, where the trees' were evergreen with Pine and Oak and the river as big as if it was a lake. The area is not like here, back there, it felt spectacular, my mother was a swamp rabbit, a species indigenous to the area and she would often take me around there before we returned to our unnatural home. I say this because the home was with a Human. He took care of us and was very fond with my mother and love taking care of me as well. They met when my mother lost her burrow when the river over flooded from rain unexpectedly came. She was able to swim to a bridge where the Human found and took her in and the two grew close. Then she gave birth to me and we had been there since. My Mother was amazing, a truly amazing doe, smart and loving, adventurous yet cautious. Once we had a visitor, a glowing rabbit, he often hung around my mother and they seem close. I remember him giving me my charm and I was able to talk to the Human and I understood him. It was unbelievable but it was a profound gesture I took kindly too and I've been close to this Golden Rabbit too. Those were happier times. The Human house was close to the river and we often hung around there, enjoying the forest, the dry and humid air, enjoying our time together. The Human would also show me his world with the other humans, the big Hrududu that flew in the air, etc. It was mind blowing how big the world really was. That was, until a bad storm came again river got big and ...uhmm" Vesper struggled but pushed his words forward.
"That damn river got my mother, trapped her in the home and she drown. We lost the home and it was just me and him and he got us a new home all the way here, in a little cottage, and we lived and grew up there with one another. The Golden rabbit visited me often and was very sad about my mother but he took care of me too and I grew into a young buck. My Human did his best as well as he too was sad. I loved the human and the Golden rabbits as if they were my guardians, perhaps they were. Yet, one night came where everything went boom, I went to see and my Human was dead where the fire was, a strange smell overcame me and I ran out of the house and it blew up. Nothing was left besides ash... I walked for Frith nows how long. I was then attacked by Elil and fell unconsciousness, then Fiver and Bigwig with Dandelion and Hawkbit came to save me and with the help of the Golden rabbit along with a very dark rabbit who appear and disappear like the golden rabbit, they took me to Watership down... That's my story." Vesper said as he sat down in front of Carduus and looked out into the night sky, tears rolling down his cheek as he looked to the Moon above. 
Carduus listening to the sad part of Vesper and sees rolling tears down his cheeks. The hare hold Vesper a bit stronger in his arms and caresses his arms and and chest. Give him a kiss on his Cheek and licks his tears away. He then said, "The fate of life want that this happen.. Or if this was only bad luck.. I know this sounds hard, but now I think our hard past is ending, now we have a lot days to make us a better future...Together! Gosh, I be tired. Come, we going into the Warren, I want sleep." He yawning before and drums with his paw on Vespers chest and belly to show to get up.
Vesper stood up and helps the hare up as well by pulling him with his paws. Vesper yawned as well and gave a tired smile to his mate a they then hopped into the Warren, said goodnight to the few rabbits they came across and came to Vesper burrow. Carduus immediately went in the burrow and made himself comfy in the cozy nest the rabbit had and the Hlessi chuckled upon seeing his mate eager to rest such like a little kit. Carduus motioned for Vesper to join him and Vesper did as he snuggled cozied up in the Hare and Carduus place an arm around him. They kissed and said goodnight to each other. "I love you" Vesper whispered before falling asleep. "Love you too my Sweetie." Carduus whispered before falling into his own slumber. They rest throughout the night and before they knew it, it was morning upon Watership down.
Carduus awoke first in the next morning. See that his mate is in a deep Sleep. He gave him a kiss on his Cheek and the go outside. This morning was cloudy and colder than yesterday and thinking about the "promise date" in this evening. To go swim it would be nice that the sun is shining. Maybe the day would be later better. Carduus stretching his tall body and licks his fur. Wishes to the rabbits coming out of the warren a good morning.
Chief rabbit Hazel meets the white hare this morning as he sat down next to the half head taller buck. "Carduus right?.. You are very new here, aren't you?" "Yeah, I be new. My ma.. Friend Vesper take me here and show me this lovely place.."  "Our Captain of Owsla, Bigwig asked me as he’s interested to know if you want to join us for our owsla. He and I had heard what was going on with the weasel. So you were a strong fighter?"
Carduus thinking about but, he only said.. "Can I think this over my head? It's a nice thing, but I think about it today. You know it this evening.."Hazel said yes and hopping in a other way. Carduus hopping to the Warren and went to the borrow of his mate.
He slept deeply and Carduus snuggled him again and watched his beautiful buck rest.
Vesper woke to see an awake Carduus snuggling him in his arms and said morning to him with a nose kiss. The Hare smiled upon his waking and let Vesper get up and stretch. "You seem to be in a good mood, dear. Come, let's go eat." Vesper said warmly as he and Carduus went outside to eat delicious flayrah. Vesper stumbled upon the Chiefs kittens and ate flayrah with them. Carduus seemed to be thinking of something and Vesper went to check with his mate of what he was thinking of, perhaps he was a bit disappointed with the weather. "My Snow Hare. May I ask what seems to be on your mind? Is it the weather? Oh don't worry about it dear, the day is still young. I'm sure it will clear out soon...Oh something else is on your mind, I'm assuming?" Vesper inquired. "You don't have to answer, I know something's of your is not my business." Vesper corrected.
"As you sleep, I was outside and watching the weather. But I thought too, the weather would hopefully change. It's better if the sun would shine and make it warm, to go swim..
But anyway, Hazel had asked me if I want to join there owsla..But.. Mhmm... I have another home, I like to not go away forever of there. I need a place to be alone and alone with you. About time, kinda.. I be a hare, normally I prefer not being in big groups.. But in a Owsla you being permanent in a bigger group..." Carduus stopped speaking and thinking for a decision.. "I ask if this would be possible for being owsla for a little time.. One day owsla one day a stranger hare.."say Carduus amusing. "I don't it's a particularly bad idea. A Part-time Owsla member would give you something to do and you get to be in a lot of adventures. Moreover, you have someone to come back home to.." Vesper said with a blush.
"I sure Hazel-Rah and Bigwig would be alright with the idea. Don't' forget to ask though." Vesper said supportively as he placed a paw on his shoulder. Vesper said a good word with his idea and Carduus smiled. "Yes, I talk with the two if I see them."
Smiling back, Vesper decided check the Hare's wound and to his surprise, there were indeed being healed quickly which satisfied the rabbit deeply. With that, Vesper noticed the kittens banking up to playfully attack the Seagull and Vesper decided to join them in a coalition and when they launch the attack, Kehaar got out of the way in time and laughed at their failed plot. Vesper had known Kehaar for a bit and was actually fascinated by his stories of Beeg Water for he was familiar with it. So when Kehaar settled down, the two started talking of their stories. Meanwhile, the Hare was asked by Bigwig to talk with him about his offer. Carduus talked with Bigwig and Hazel, together they discuss of Carduus join in the owsla. It's would be not a problem, that Carduus is a part time owsla.
Plus the chiefs asked him from where he comes from to know a bit more about him. Until yet he was a stranger for the rabbits. Carduus can come tomorrow to visit and participate in owsla training, have Bigwig told him. Meanwhile it's the early afternoon. Vespers and Carduus wish with the weather comes to a reality as the clouds are disappearing slowly and the bright sun warm the area up.
Upon seeing the change in the weather, Vesper hops to Carduus as he was just finishing talking with Bigwig and Hazel. As he approached, he bowed respectfully in front of the two leaders and commented that the weather was now sunny. Hazel and Bigwig agreed and then tell Vesper that Carduus will indeed be Part-time Owsla and his training starts tomorrow with Bigwig. Vesper congratulates Carduus with a playful punch on his shoulder, commenting he would be perfect for the job as the two said their goodbyes and Bigwig reminding Carduus to meet him tomorrow morning to start training early and leaves. When out of range, Vesper gleefully commented that he was happy for him and fondly kissed him and smiled. Vesper then asked if he would to play bob stones before they go to the river to swim later on.
The hare is happy actually. It seems the day would be better and better with being part of the owsla and can't wait to the special evening. Carduus does not know how to play bobstones or how it works.. The friend Acacia joins the two mates. "Heya Acacia, can you play with Vesper this bobstone game. I want first watch how this work..?", says Carduus to his friend. The hare is rub his paw on his chin and watch interesting while the two rabbits playing.
The two rabbits played intensely as they focus how many stones there are under their paws. Meanwhile, Carduus watched as he silently routed for his two friends along as he learned as well. Vesper play Acacia a really good game as he wins the first two games yet Acacia beat him in bobstones and won, Vesper thanks him for playing and then noticed the time, Evening!
"It's Evening dear. Finally..Our date!" Vesper said excitedly but lowered his voice down to make sure no one heard. "Ready to go for a swim my love?" He said as he grabbed both his paws, and gave Carduus the rare smile that made his mate heart melt of adoration for the rabbit."Yus, I think we can go now...Oh wait I forgot, I must be tomorrow in the early morning must be here..." say Carduus with a voice that destroyed his good mood and the warm smile of Vesper.. "Wait I ask Bigwig to change a new meet place or I go directly to our training place.." Carduus search the little bit smaller rabbit, of Bigwig and heading out a new meet place for the hare. He explained that he want today go to his borrow to visit a friend of his. Carduus hopping back to his mate.. "Okay now, I can go tomorrow in the morning directly to our training place.. But actually I don't know where is the place be. Bigwig come now, with Pipkin, with me to show me the way. You can come with us too.. Then we go to swim.. Okay?" Carduus smiles as he finished his weird explanation.
Carduus and Vesper catch up Bigwig again, with Pipkin. Pipkin is a accompaniment for Bigwig, because it gives a golden rule. No rabbit wandering alone in the early morning and late afternoon. And Carduus said to Bigwig, Vesper is his accompaniment, plus he know Carduus "friend" too. The four are hoping to the area, where the rabbits always trained there hide, fight, and running skills."Well then Carduus, we are excited to see you tomorrow in our Owsla and we are interested how is to fight with a strong hare. Eventually we learn from you.." said Bigwig and let the two go.
Vesper and Carduus watched as both Bigwig and Pipkin hopped away from the training spot. "Accompaniment.. my, oh my, you sure do know how to court your mate, dear. No worries though. So this is the area you'll train." Vesper said inquisitive as he looked around the area, before unexpectedly tackling the Hare in front of him with being on top of Carduus with a sly smile and his paws on his chest. "First rule of Owsla dear, Always be aware." Vesper said with a wink as the two kissed. Vesper then helped his mate up noticed it was late evening. "We still have time to swim, dear. Do you mind if we still have our date? I'm quite curious on this little river you talk of." Vesper calmly asked though he seem to be hoping the answer would be yes.
"Yes,.. Finally.." Carduus watching around the area to remind which direction is his special spot. "I think that I be tomorrow warm up, I make a running activity.. Come on, catch me!!" Carduus push his paw to Vespers chest, that he falls on his back and suddenly run away.Vesper got up and nodded his head at the Running Hare. He then started to chase after his mate, catching up to him on his side in no time as they raced through the grass and into the woods, enjoying the activity with one another. "This is fun, dear. Your running is getting better, glad to see that, but you still have a lot to learn." Vesper said excitingly as he jumped over him onto the other side and continue running with his mate.
While they running, Carduus said.. "Lot to learn?! I give not my full power of speed, my buddy, that's why!!But anyway I think we are here.." Carduus said with a smirk.Both are getting slower and Carduus watching, with a fast breathing, around the forest where the two actually are. The good hearing skill of Carduus turning his head in the bushes. He heard the water of a river. It was silent, because the river is small."Follow me, my lovely dear. Behind the bushes it is."
Vesper followed behind and through the bushes they went and once out, The forest revealed its grand secret. A small river but still looked deep with trees next to it, a few actually in it like the swamps he's seen in his childhood. Vesper was in Awe. He turned to Carduus and said the only thing he could think of... "I love you!" Carduus watch his mates face and see in him a special look in his eyes. Vesper leaning his head on the hares chest and Carduus speaking..."I always come here if I want to clear up my head and clean myself with jumping in the water.. It's have something to relax and anytime it works.
The hare hopping near to the river and put his whole paw in the water. A bit cold but Carduus like it that way. Vesper smiled warmly. He was very happy, elated. Vesper being happy continuously was new to him, he truly loved his mate for this. He felt honored. Vesper then starting laughing as he ran as fast as he could and leaped in the air fell into the water. Splash!! Oh, how Vesper missed this, having himself immersed in water, the cold wetness of relaxation pulsating his senses as if he was reborn and he was swam underwater into the river and pop up for a breath. Vesper was now poking his head out and starting swimming playfully in the water, like he did when he was a kitten. He charm gem glowed a light blue as he would swim deeper closer to the river bed. Vesper then got of the water, wet as fish and smirked and his fur was cold and wet. He then hop to his mate and gave him a hug. "Thanks for bringing me here, dear. Te amo. Come, join me, please."Vesper said as he pulled his paws towards the river.
Vesper was excited to be here and the Hare saw that his mate having much fun. A special look is in his face. Vesper grabbed the paws of the hare and Carduus followed. He laid his arms around Vesper and lifted him up like a stone. Walking on his hind legs back and falling backwards into the river. Pflatsch again!! Underwater,Carduus let Vesper free from his hug and both were poking up their heads. Carduus whisked his long wet hair away from his eyes and nose. And watched again to his wet and surprised mates face.Vesper was surprised and looked at his mate, only to have the Hare stick his tongue out at him playfully and splash water at him and swim away. Vesper chases him and the two starts having a playful fight in the water in where one point, Vesper was grabbed by the Hare and thrown a little bit into the air and back into the water. Vesper counter attacked by grabbing a hold of Carduus with his arms around his neck and and crossing his rabbit legs around him with the front of his body pressed behind the Hare's back, but Carduus took advantage of this as he made an evil laugh :smirk:, used one of his arms to hold Vesper arms in place and took him underwater. Vesper held his breath and let the hare swim him underwater and was able to get free as they swam underwater, going up to catch their breath before swimming underwater once more in the cold, clear water river. They would sometimes grab and hold one another, in each others or held each others paw as they swim. Before they knew it, it was night. Yet the secluded area around them glow a phantom blue as Fireflies were flying around and the stars and the full moon shine brightly above, reflecting off the ware. Vesper pops his head out of the water to breath and floats a bit in and Carduus does the same to see his mate glow, Or maybe it was just him he thought as Vesper wet fur shined from the Moon and his charm glowed a little blue, including his eyes as he gave another rare smile, not rare anymore with Carduus around.
Carduus noticed that's already dark and looks around the area. Fireflies are flying around and the moon is full and bright up the place. "By Frith, that looks so beautiful!!", Carduus have a stunning look at his face and move forward to his mate and lay his arms around Vespers back and look wondering tho his charm."I have never noticed that your charm was glowing.. Why is that?"
Ask the hare and touch with his paw careful his blue necklace..
"Oh this old thing."Vesper exclaimed as he help show it to Carduus with his paw, "It tends to do that on it's own. Don't know but I often find it miraculous it does it, though it would be interesting to know. I'll have to ask El-ahrairah when I have the chance. If I can. Here, hold still, my love, please." Vesper said as he carefully took it off and pulled Carduus ears down and wrapped the charm around the neck, fitting him just right. "Aww, it suits you dear. You look handsome with it." Vesper commented as he wrapped his own arms around his neck.
Carduus smiled, that Vesper says that."Oh no, it's around your neck on a better place and it looks beautiful to your eyes. By me would it disappear someday..It means lot for you, doesn't it?"Carduus asked shyly.
Vesper contemplated then smiled warmly to Carduus as he placed a paw on his cheek then to his shoulder. "You're right, it does mean a lot to me but for now, I put it on you for tonight. Don't worry my love. I trust you with it and remember, tomorrow you have Owsla Training in the morning so it may get in the way.I'll be rooting for you by the way. I know you'll do exceptional. Tonight is just us dear. So don't be shy, though I do commend you for being kind." Vesper said a he leaned towards the hare and blushed. :blush: He stop just a bit in front of his mate face. "What do you want to do now, my Snow Hare? Any more unexpected surprises we may enjoy with one another?"Vesper giggled with a grin as he nuzzled his mate before pausing, leaving their mouths close to one another, feeling each other's breathing
"Only this." said Carduus and pressed his mouth on them from Vesper and make a long kiss. And caresses with his paws on Vespers cheeks. A long moment later, the kiss ended.
"Are we want to my borrow.. If you remember, I said last night, we should pick up the moment for later..I hope you know what I mean?” he smirked.
Vesper blushed extremely and looked away but flustered as he used his ears to cover his face, causing the Hare to chuckle. "Oh Frith, you do have way with courting me, dear. Though, I do know what you mean..." Vesper became quiet as he then looked back at Carduus with a smile and with a nod, he swam to the river shore and helped Carduus out as they dry themselves off and Vesper followed the Hare towards his burrow.
Both are going out the river and shaking there bodies out like dogs.Of the moonlight Carduus see a bush of berries and reminded him of some days ago."Hey, do you remember, this is the bush we are eating this berries, before the thunderstorm surprised us.. Come we take us a twig to take away." Vesper saw the bush he was referring to an indeed it was the same berry bush they had eaten when they rested in his burrow after declaring their love and becoming mates. Vesper eagerly took a twig or two of berries and occasionally ate a few, oh how delicious they were he thought. He hopped to Carduus and kissed his cheek in gratitude. "Thanks dear, you don't fail to surprise me. Do you know I love you? " Vesper said lovingly yet in a flirting tone as he snuggled his body next to him in adoration.Carduus was flattered when Vesper is snuggle him. "I love you my sweetheart!" Both are continuing to go to the Hare borrow, hoping next to next and snuggle sometimes while they walking.
At the entrance of Carduus borrow, the hare looks to the full moon. Then He noticed that the charm of Vesper around his own neck is glowing again.
"Wow, looky here, dear. My charm glows a lot more now. It must like you, dear." Vesper said as he kissed his forehead and carefully took off the necklace from his mate neck, pulling it above his head and over his ears and put it back on and smiled warmly as he stood on his hind legs, closed his eyes and hugged his arms around his charm around his neck, sighing happily as it glowed a bit more. "This feels wonderful dear. I feel so loved." He said as he went to the Hare's side and snuggled him more before biting his own ear and declaring, "This is no dream of mine. This is real, it really is." A smile grew on his face as he grabbed his mate paw and leaned his head on the Hare's chest as they looked at the moon.
"This I want try out too, to bite me in my ear..Carduus laughs if he see that Vesper do it.
The hare hold his rabbit warmly in his arms and lay his head down and whispers to Vespers ear.."Are we continuing on where we began yesterday.?"Carduus licking Vespers head top who is a little bit wet from the river.Vesper blushed a bit, as his mate licked his forehead lovingly and asked his question, the same one he was thinking of what is to come through he was alright with it. He did love Carduus and was willing to move forward as he was curious and shy though wished to share the experience with Carduus, doing what lovers do... "Yes, dear. We'll continue." He said shyly as he turned around and kissed him one more time before hopping into the burrow and Carduus following his mate. The Night was still a young one. The two left there berries close to the entrance of the burrow and Vesper set his charm down away so it would not get in the way of their Act of Love.

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The Hlessi and The Hare Rp Stories
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Overall, I liked the second part.  It was well-written, and I like how the relationship between the two major characters is moving forward.  Acacia's cameo is a nice surprise.

I also like how several official WD characters appear here, although I am slightly disappointed to see Fiver and Hyzenthlay absent.  Hopefully they will appear in future installments...

The drawing is also really nice :)
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