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Author Topic: Favorite Season?  (Read 474 times)

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Re: Favorite Season?
« Reply #15 on: January 05, 2020, 02:09:38 AM »
I fell in love with Granite, poor guy.   Would have been nice for a fourth season where he comes back, maybe with a few other not so bad Dark Haven rabbits.
It really would have been nice.  He's one of only two Darkhaveners who got any meaningful character development (the other being Spartina).  He and Vervain are perhaps the only ones to have survived the magic, but exactly what happens to them afterwards is never explained.  They might not be much of a future in Darkhaven though, since perhaps the only rabbits who didn't go to war, are the Speaker of the Past (another tragically underused character) and her students.

I like the characters (especially Silverweed)
Silverweed is the best :glowingsw

I'm kinda surprised so many like season 3 so much.
Me too.  I would have thought the animation style would have made it much less popular.

I can't really distinguish season 1 and 2 from each other.
I remember reading somewhere that they were both comissioned by CITV at the same time.  Also, season 1 ends in the middle of a two-part storyline (Pipkin's kidnapping).  The two seasons could easily be considered the same; the distinction probably only exists because they took a short break in broadcasting between them (there are conflicting sources on how long this break lasted).

This will sound very odd but I found it too plotty? I know that makes little sense but I have no other way to explain what I mean.
It rather feels like season 3 is mostly one continuous storyline.  In the first two seasons, there's the occasional subplot that lasts two episodes (the Efrafan rescue, Pipkin's kidnapping, and the Christmas special), but other than that the episodes stand rather well on their own.  Season 3 is kinda like a 280-minute movie instead.
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