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Author Topic: Untaken Way - Open RP  (Read 9092 times)

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Untaken Way - Open RP
« Reply #225 on: July 26, 2014, 05:54:19 PM »
(It’s good to see you, Indi-Rah :) )


“Now you can do it whenever you like. There is no Woundwort here to stop you from going out and exploring,” Dandelion said. He cast a quick glance at orchard and added: “Before we go there you should know that a badger lives in that place. You don’t need to worry about her though. Bark is our friend and she would never hurt us.”
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Untaken Way - Open RP
« Reply #226 on: May 31, 2016, 01:49:09 PM »
Elderberry watched the rabbits climb the hill, a lagging grey rabbit and a pale brown rabbit who was coaxing his friend along. Elderberry was about to hop along to help them, but stopped as he realised that the two had reached the top. Sighing, he went back to silfay, nibbling at a patch of clover whilst thinking over how much the warren was going to become larger.
'It might be better for the Efrafan rabbits to find a new place... they know how to survive i'm sure' He wondered to himself, welcoming the slight rain with a sigh. Swiftly hopping up the hill, he sheltered beneath the beech tree, watching the raindrops come pattering down and wondering from what they came from.
He felt himself shudder slightly. A darkness seemed to be pressing upon him... but he was not sure what is was. He had those feelings, some said he was a seer... he had his visions... most treated him with superstition and that was why he left his old warren. Then came the warren of the shining wires. Inwardly he shivered. He felt something dangerous there and left... now he was at watership down and fervently hoped that his feelings were wrong. Danger was not wanted or needed now.