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Author Topic: [Song Discussion] Winter Song  (Read 980 times)

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[Song Discussion] Winter Song
« on: November 06, 2015, 08:29:14 PM »
(Reviewed by Darkling Nocturnal on The High Lonely Hills).

"No matter, how cold the winter. No matter, how deep the snow. We will be warm again. And the grass will grow." Pipkin told this words during his feastful telling to all animals during the christmas feast in Watership Down. The story deals with Frith, who left the earth during winter, leaving the landscape in snow. But with one of El-ahrairahs tricks, Frith returned. He realized, that he was missed on earth. So he spoke: Even, when I leave the earth to visit the stars, I'll always come back. Holly and Ivy where Frith' promise.

Those words are part of the Winter Song. A really wonderful song, sung amazingly by Paul Carrack, that cannot only be heard during the winter time. More a typical pop-song with a reluctant e-guitar and of course an classical arrangement by Mike Batt, accompanied with a choir.



Review by Hawkbit, founder of Fiver's Honeycomb:

13 – Winter Song (Vocal - Paul Carrack) : This is another of the highlights of the album, despite the song not being utilized in the series. The lyrics are soothing and speak of sticking together through storms and snow and how spring always comes again after winter. Carrack plays it conservatively and keeps the song at a nice, even pace and pitch. I’ve found this to be a nice, warming song during cooler months where I live.
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