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Author Topic: April 2015  (Read 407 times)

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April 2015
« on: November 15, 2015, 10:03:26 AM »
Hello all,

Things are starting to green up around here. In the past month, we exceeded 15 thousand posts in total. What is more, Fiver's Honeycomb gained new members and features:

* The Animated Movies & Series discussions are now part of Bluebell's Banter
* Frith has opened his Suncave for you

What does this mean? In the top menu, you find now a new entry, called "Frith's Suncave". Here, you find the latest news, posts and activities, that happened in the Honeycomb during the past days.

And of course, we can record new members since our last mailing. Let's say hello to

* Madrox123
* Mishachu Tubby
* xOkamiWulfy
* unishamaani
* FiverMae
* Varjokani
* malicekisho
* ImpalaRock420
* imaginerabbits
* TheBadgerKing
* CockatielPony
* Karatto

Have a great time here in Fiver's Honeycomb.

So come and have a look. Visit and take part of the warren.

Best Regards
Hawkbit, Myrkin and Darkling Nocturnal

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