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Author Topic: June 2015  (Read 467 times)

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June 2015
« on: November 15, 2015, 10:04:27 AM »
Hello to all Watership Down fans and members of Fiver's Honeycomb,

June has begun and we have some interesting news for you:

* Because of his outstanding work here in Fiver's Honeycomb, Silverweed's Claws is now part of the Council of Chiefs. He has gotten an consistent e-mail-adress and he can be found now on the contact site. So when you visit Fiver's Honeycomb, don't forget to congratulate him ;-)

* Sometimes, you have a bad time and sometimes, you want to talk about it. Because we see us like a big family and we want you to feel comfortable here in Fiver's Honeycomb, we've created "Marigold's Advice Column". In this forum, you can discuss more serious, personal problems and both give and receive advice about them.

* Ever overseen a private message? That shouldn't happen anymore. Board notifications are now better visible.

* Did you ever hear about the new Watership Down remake?
In all probability, it will be a mini-series with 4 episodes (each 60 minutes). More information and discussion here in Fiver's Honeycomb!

Since our last mailing, 5 new members have registered. Say hello to:

* sandstorm26
* lupko1994
* arnoldretsch1998
* eltonMSO
* cloudybunnybum

We're glad to see you around in Fiver's Honeycomb.

So come and have a look:

Best Regards
Hawkbit, Myrkin, Silverweed's Claws and Darkling Nocturnal

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