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Author Topic: November, on Watership Down  (Read 779 times)

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November, on Watership Down
« on: November 25, 2015, 11:44:37 PM »
Watership Down, like most books, creates atmosphere and mood through events in the plot which you interpret into feelings, IE "thing happens", you think "oh no!". Occasionally, you will see a passage from the narrator that creates emotion through connotative language and imagery - that's what this is.

This isn't fan fiction so to speak, this is me adding to the universe of WSD by a short passage, no plot, of what early winter (November) would be like on the high and lonely hills. It's meant as a supplement, because winter is never really done a justice in the book (or movie, or TV series), but it would be a reality the rabbits would face.

Perhaps you'd like to take it as inspiration/starting point for your fan fic, or perhaps you just want to read it. Or perhaps you don't want to read it, and that's fine too.

I dunno, I just wrote this. I might continue it, I might not.

   The sun's blinding bloom appeared to be shifted towards a sterile and soulless blue, with intentions to merely illuminate the vast world, as oppose to liberate it from the cold grasp of the season. Malicious winds brought searing cold and biting gusts to any flesh that revealed itself, even penetrating the thickest of natural barriers, seeping in like a liquid. All around, the world seemed brittle, and quiet; there was an unsettling sound in the air, the sound of unnatural silence. The sky was an illuminated grey-blue void that had no interest in keeping clouds around, preferring a bleak and infinite canvas instead. Bittersweet snowflakes had not yet come to insulate against the unfeeling cold that loomed about.

   The natural world had withered to sharpened sticks of various sizes and shades of grey, with the elaborate façade of autumn having run away from the unforgiving presence of winter. Once upon a time, the leaves turned from their native green to their vibrant warm colours, then to a brown mush of decaying plant matter as the show of autumn ended. From there, the leaves broke up and shriveled in the dry and frosty environment, forming a coating of dark embers far from their brilliant form just moons ago. The evergreens remained green as their name suggests, but they, too, were affected by the season's omnipotence. Their leaves had changed from a coniferous and hardy green to a faded and frosted olive colour. From atop the high and lonely hills, the view had changed from lush fields and lively forests to stark bone yards with visibility stretching frighteningly far beyond the horizon.

   Nothing living dared to disturb the sound of silence. No insects hummed, no squirrels chattered, no birds called, and no dogs barked. Anything that could hibernate was already deep underground, and any other lone vagabond would silently wander the barrens in desperate search of sustenance. Between pauses in the wind, the air could be sampled for smells, although the only result was burning sinuses followed by a puff of visible breath as the air was returned. It was truly a time of complete loneliness and awareness, for nothing would – or could – happen in times like these.
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November, on Watership Down
« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2015, 03:29:57 AM »
This is really good.  You managed to create a fascinating atmosphere.  The style is nice, the situation is well described, overall I really like it.
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November, on Watership Down
« Reply #2 on: November 26, 2015, 04:00:45 AM »
I completely agree with CR here. Good job, man :)

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November, on Watership Down
« Reply #3 on: November 26, 2015, 05:58:54 AM »
Well done, keep writing! (In my opinion)
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